Shameless Behavior

I did something last night that I am just now coming to terms with. And it is a very difficult thing to get a handle on. I watched Showbiz Tonight. The fact that it's on a CNN affiliate does not make it news, people. Really. Not the News. Not even close.

First, we went through the Bradandgina thing. Bagerlina. Brandegina. Angina. Beyondagina. Beyondjz...
It seems there's a new ruling couple in LaLa land, known to many of you who follow this stuff as Hollywood. All this because a woman named Beyoncé finally referred to her husband of two years as just that...her public no less. Seriously? This is news?

I know it seems fascinating, but....I've been there. Attended a Red Carpet. Did the whole Smile and Wave thing. Really. We pulled up in Car #5 (they number them by the way, a very hush hush top secret kind of thing) and all these mobs on the sidewalk holding up cameras and waving (actual photo above) and trying to figure out who's in the car. So my husband (you knew he'd be mentioned somewhere) rolls down his window and smiles and waves and they all take pictures. Christ almighty. Then they all look down at their little 2" screens to see if they got a good shot of whoever it is. I'm already hiding under the seat after turning 60 shades of red. Then, you get out of the car and people are yelling and pulling and my husband is pointing at famous people and I'm smacking his hand down and loudly whispering "we're WITH those people" and "act accordingly". However that is.

The truth is, celebrities are truly just like the rest of us. Hanes sweat pants, drink the milk straight out of the carton in the fridge, rolling their eyes at their mothers kind of people. And the fact that we invest insane amounts of time, effort and money on stalking their every move is quite frightening. Thus my shame. I watched. For almost the whole hour.

I discovered that yes, John Edwards had an illicit affair the result of which was a baby. No shit.
I learned that 25 years later, we still believe that we can save the world with a song while rejuvenating a whole lot of stalled careers.
And I learned that you can be a celebrity just by going on TV and talking about celebrities. You can even write a book now that you are a celebrity who became a celebrity by talking about celebrities.
You don't even have to actually write the book. You can pay someone to do it.
So, with no talent or experience whatsoever, you can become a household name. In this instance...seriously.... her name was Jane. Wow. That's original. Think it's her real name?
Life in LaLa Land. The Reality Series based on the highly acclaimed plugged book, coming next fall, only on your iPad.

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