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Empty Nest or Cuckoo's Nest?

It was all anyone could say to us all summer. Oooooh. You'll be empty nesters. Like what, we've spent the last 21 years incubating eggs only to watch them hatch and fly away? Wishful thinking people.

It's 2012. Eggs don't hatch and fly away. They roll around for years with a slick coat of oil on them preventing you from getting a firm grip. Then they jump and soar and fly but like boomerangs always return.

Back to the here and now. Young one is 18 and off to college far far away. Following in older one's footsteps, if you are going to leave the nest, go far and wide but latch some sort of financial rope to your parents' ankles so you don't wither and perish.

So here we are, hubby and me, after 25 years of marital bliss, or at least negotiated peace... to fend for ourselves in our humble abode. Turns out he likes to talk and sing alot. No really. A LOT. I feel like I've entered sitcom land. He's gone from quiet, meek, obedient husband to some sort of…

Be a force for change. Bring on Betty.

Bring Betty to the DNC. If anyone gets to spotlight the wisdom of the ages... let it be us. Let's not leave the world with the lasting impression that our elders are so poorly cared for they've gone insane.

Let's show the world our best and brightest.

Just sign the petition. Act Now.

Vist the page. Share the joy.

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