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The Parrot Sketch - YouTube

Just having some fun today. It's Sunday. A little sacrilege never hurts.
The Parrot Sketch - YouTube:

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What's next, remotely controlling your video chat?

I want to tell you about Jack. He's a  13  year old boy who lives in Washington. Today he woke up at about 7am and threw a rock at a passing cyclist. Nice kid. He thought it was funny and so did his friends. Then he had oatmeal for breakfast, which apparently was too runny. Then it was off to soccer practice with all those lame toeless wannabes he has to put up with every week. Not his fault he didn't make the advanced team. The scrimmage sucked and then he had to wait for his dad, Jack Sr., who is always late. Seems he's always looped too. Marney thinks it would be great to have a dad like that since hers is always on her case about everything. Especially school. She's flunking 3 classes. Might not graduate middle school. But back to Jack. He just wishes he could stay at this mom's over the weekend but she's busy screwing every guy in town. So he has to stay with his dad. Not all bad, he gets to hang out in front of the TV all afternoon drinking what's lef…

last words

I know, some of your are hoping this is my last blog. Seems I cause nothing but trouble. But I won't stop writing because someone here or there doesn't want to know what I have to say. Because someone else misinterpreted my words or, worse, used them to validate their own issues. I've had that happen way too often lately. Something rings true and you think OMG they are talking about me!! Yeah, you, and 5,000 others.

Back to today's topic. Last words. What do you want yours to be? For all those close to you, or those you've distanced yourself from? Today is 9/11/11. An anniversary for America, and not a happy one. A day we remember the sudden and terrifying loss of so many Americans. Fathers and Mothers, Sisters and Brothers. Going about their daily lives, some who were everyday heroes in uniform who became, if it's possible, extraordinary heroes.

For many people today is painful for reasons even now they can't come to grips with. There are stories from peop…

And the lord spoke. And said to me...

Mary, the voice said, someone needs your help. "Who?" I called out, not able to pinpoint the source of the command. "Little Amy Hobnacker," came the echoing reply.

So I frantically googled her, called my friends, sent out tweets, and tried to find little Amy who needs my help. I was unsuccessful. But because the lord commanded I help, I am setting out to do just that. However, and this is important folks,  I'm going to need all of your help. Every last human being within reach of this blog has to step up to the plate.

The goal? I'm not sure but I'm thinking it will require extraordinary resources and powerful connections. And that can mean only one thing. I need to run for office.

Which office? Hell if I know. I'm guessing it's going to have to involve some major players, so at the very least, probably Senator. From Arizona. How hard can that be? There's an empty seat coming our way after all. And in the land of ludicrous, where the GOP is r…