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Saturdays in Tucson

So expecting a dark and stormy Saturday, I put on my baking apron and waited for the sun to disappear behind the angry clouds. And waited. And waited. But alas, it's another happy sunny day with no sign of rain. Yet.

So what to bake? I've had a few somewhat snippy, possibly angry, messages lately from blog readers wondering why nothing new is coming out. My blog is dry. Just like my surroundings. So I promised myself, a new recipe for today. I just don't know what that is. It'll be healthy, that much I can tell you. Hubby asked "do you have what you need?" Of course I do. 
It's just an idea of what to do with them I don't have. I was thinking Pecans though. I have a whole bagful. Fudge could be in order. Or not. Maybe I should go savory today. Big pot of soup. Or chile. Or some wild new salad combination. Nah. 
I'm just really out of zip. I'm tired. It's sunny. I have no motivation. Hang on. I do have motivation. Today is the day I'm g…