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Since when is it a crime to care

Every time someone sneers as they say "Obamacare" they show just how ignorant a human being can be. Growing up never facing adversity does not entitle you to belittle someone else's trials and tribulations. And not READING the legislation, well, it's unforgiveable if you are going to criticize it.

Listen carefully to Mitt Romney when he says "up to 20 million people could lose their existing benefits." Translated, that could mean that nobody loses anything. It could mean one or one hundred will lose their current health insurance when it's replaced with another. It's misleading at best. Add to that the shot of him in front of the White House... well... very very far in front... and quite a few more interesting statements that don't mean a damn thing...hell why use facts when you have far more creative things to say...
Mitt Romney's ridiculous speech

Point is, the only people who will truly suffer under Obamacare are those who don't care a…