Move over Micki D's... there's a new Fry in town.

So I was planning to tell you about my fabulous new low carb grain free chocolate bundt cake. But while it tasted pretty good... it looked like a chocolate donut suffering from radiation poisoning. Kind of a "Honey I shrunk the kids" cake. So, a little coffee whipped cream on top and a large serving on a small plate, and it actually appeared almost normal. Just not blog worthy.

But these are.

These are OMG fabulous. No, I haven't caved in and abandoned the cave-people way of eating. These aren't potatoes. Really, they aren't. Well, truthfully they might be known as Mexican potatoes. 

Or Jicama. That's Hi-ki-ma. If you don't travel to the southwest, you may not be aware that this incredibly delicious root vegetable is a staple in regional cuisine. I've never had it cooked before though, as it's usually found in salads. And I'm a big fan of it in salads. But I saw that bloggers were discussing Jicama fries and absolutely had to try it. 

Now, full disclosure. These are not quick and easy. If you've got a big strong guy handy to assist that'll help. If not, ask your spouse or significant other. Worst case, lift some weights and build some bulk cause you'll need it. 

OK. Buy a nice Jicama. If you're living the vida loca somewhere other than Tucson, I have no idea where you'll find it... try Whole Foods, Sprouts... any good health food grocer. 

Here's what they look like:
As with potatoes, if they have pock marks or big black spots or cracks... eew. find a different one. 

So here's the thing about Jicama. Raw, they have a clean crisp taste. Cooked, more like sweet potato. Most of us enjoy sweet potato fries. These are, dare I say, better. If only because they are sooooo good for you. That's the really bizarre part of this whole food healthy eating thing. The food is delicious. Take away the processing and grains and starch and sugar and carbs and you actually find out that real food tastes good. Who knew. And these my friends are spectacular. 

Back to the hard part. Prepping. You have to peel a jicama. The skin is NOT edible. Possibly toxic. Definitely not worth trying. And it's not easy to peel. You'll need a really sharp, big, sturdy... cleaver. Yup. A cleaver will do it. Now add a pair of really strong arms. That's where that guy above comes in handy. Hubby did great. I tried, but he thought perhaps I was going to hurt myself. I was able to use a good ceramic peeler, but only after he cut it into workable pieces. You can just hack it all off if you like. Once it's nice, and clean, and peeled, you should have yourself a lovely large white orb. Now it will slice easily with a regular vegetable knife. Cut it into strips like fries (above) about 1/4" thick, any length will do. 

Place in a bowl and toss in a few tablespoons of olive oil and a bit of sea salt. Next time... add any seasoning you like, but first time always go the pure route and see what you get. Place them on a cookie sheet in the oven and bake for about 45 minutes at 400F. 

You can sauté them in a pan on the stove, 15-20 minutes on medium high. I didn't try that because I needed that time to whip up the coffee cream topping for my mutant chocolate cake. But if you don't mind standing in front of a hot stove... have at it. 

If you follow my instructions, you'll get an unforgettable treat. 

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