The evolving Brownie.


So, here's a tweak for those who enjoy a thicker fudgier brownier. As if that is possible. So borrowing from Alton Brown's technique on baking, here you go. Double the recipe, and lower the temp to 300. Same pan. However, use parchment paper to form a sling, meaning line the bottom and come up on the sides so the parchment hangs over about 2 inches. This will allow you to transfer the whole uncut brownie to finish the cooling outside the pan.
Next change, beat the eggs with a paddle attachment on medium for 3 minutes first, then add all the dry ingredients. Then add the melted butter and vanilla.
Finally, bake for 15 minutes, remove from the oven, set for 15 minutes, put them back in for another 30 minutes. Once removed from the oven, go ahead and let them rest for 30 minutes. Then using the parchment transfer to the cooling rack for 10 minutes. Now cut into 16 brownies. Eat one. Just one. Dare you.

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So let's keep this simple. Everyday it seems we'…

Silence is Soylent

Anyone remember Soylent Green? Yeah. That's where my mind is going now. What the hell happened to America, land of bountiful harvest and innovation? I haven't been cooking too much lately, or experimenting much. Hard to afford the ingredients anymore. Organic was once a luxury, now it's a necessity. We are back to being hunters and gatherers. We have to hunt for real food. Real ingredients. And pay dearly when we find them. Just creating a simple wholesome patriotic 4th of July dessert has become all but impossible. Listen, when the label on the container of blueberries has ingredients... you're in trouble.

Feeding billions of people is hard on a planet. But when we are literally destroying our planet in the process of daily existence, it's worse. Way worse. I only mention that old 70's shtick movie because it was so incredibly far fetched at that time, and I realize, we're not far off from all that insanity now.

Humans have come a long way, made a lot of mi…

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Rich Chocolate Gluten Free Cake that's Deliciously low in carbs

Seriously. I have had some success lately with chocolate and baking and well, dessert in general. But it was really gnawing at me that if you can make a flourless chocolate cake, then a low carb one should be a natural. Right? Make that gluten free too, grain free and sugar free as well... yeah, I know what you're thinking. Same here. Just wasn't happening. Always ends up more of a torte, and often while I can devour a torte, my friends and family are a bit overwhelmed with superdark chocolate confections. I just hadn't achieved that perfect balance, until now. Per DJFoodie's recommendation, I took a recipe from Atkins... which used sucralose, then I subbed in my go-to sweetener... Swerve. The thing about Swerve is that it acts just like sugar when baking, and doesn't make your stomach feel like a soccer team has taken up habitation in your gut. Best thing? Doesn't have the glycemic spike of many artificial sweeteners. They might be calorie free, but they can s…

Holiday Waffles low carb and fabulous for any day!

So I got a waffle maker for Christmas. Yay!!!!! Only where are the recipes? You know, that I can use? None. Only 3 recipes in the booklet, wheat and yeast and sugar. Ugh. I need Low Carb Waffles. That taste like the real deal! Plenty of coconut recipes out there, but I don't like working with coconut flour. Tends to come out dry and more like a cornmeal consistency.

So I did some research. First, what's the difference between Pancake batter and Waffle batter? I don't know, but I do know how to make fantastic low carb pancakes. So I figured I'd start there and see what google says.

Google says check the forums. So I checked the forums. Most people say the difference is in the oil and how you add the eggs. Ok. Seems the secret is in the eggs themselves. Separate them, and fold in the egg whites and you have waffles. Seems simple enough.

Only what's this about oil????? My pancakes don't use oil. I cook them in butter. I'll use butter. Melted. Just a little oi…

Saturdays in Tucson

So expecting a dark and stormy Saturday, I put on my baking apron and waited for the sun to disappear behind the angry clouds. And waited. And waited. But alas, it's another happy sunny day with no sign of rain. Yet.

So what to bake? I've had a few somewhat snippy, possibly angry, messages lately from blog readers wondering why nothing new is coming out. My blog is dry. Just like my surroundings. So I promised myself, a new recipe for today. I just don't know what that is. It'll be healthy, that much I can tell you. Hubby asked "do you have what you need?" Of course I do. 
It's just an idea of what to do with them I don't have. I was thinking Pecans though. I have a whole bagful. Fudge could be in order. Or not. Maybe I should go savory today. Big pot of soup. Or chile. Or some wild new salad combination. Nah. 
I'm just really out of zip. I'm tired. It's sunny. I have no motivation. Hang on. I do have motivation. Today is the day I'm g…

Coffee Cake. So Coffee doesn't have to drink alone.

Normally Saturday morning is Pancakes. All kinds. But today I was inspired to once again try to make a coffee cake. You know the one. With the stream of cinnamon sugar and a few nuts rolling through it along with a hint of apple? But creating that slice of deliciousness without wheat flour has been challenging. I've tried coconut flour.... eew. Dry as a bone. I tried whey protein... not so agreeable with me. So this time, I did a little of this and a little of that. The two ingredients you may not find in your pantry? Full fat peanut flour and Maca Powder. Both available from which I freely admit to being addicted to. Love that place. And no, I do not receive any compensation for saying that.

GGGFree Coffee Cake

Preheat oven to 350. Grease an 8 x 8 pyrex dish.

1 cup Almond flour less three tbsp 
1 cup full fat Peanut Flour
1 Teaspoon Cinnamon
3 TBSP Maca Powder
2 teaspoons BAKING POWDER
1/2 cup sweetener. Use a natural granular that measures and bakes cup for cup like sugar…