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For my dad, who taught his children well.

Today is Father's Day. I lost mine a few years ago. And that, for a moment, makes me sad. But most days, when I think of my dad, and that is most days, I remember only one thing. Being so incredibly loved.

Something I should have told him while I could but didn't. But I do it now. I'm not much on the afterlife. Not sure what actually happens to people when they die. Except, for me, I somehow understand that they are here with me. In some fashion. I carry them with me. Their hopes and expectations. Their advice. Their unconditional love.

So. Here it is Dad. It's Father's Day. Rather it's Father's Day weekend. I think everyday is Father's Day. Really. Where would we be without you? I can see you smile at that. You always got it didn't you. You were so very smart. It was intimidating much of the time. I wasn't a great student. Not because I wasn't smart enough. I realize that now. Mostly because whatever I achieved would never be good enough to…

News you can't use

When I got up this morning, I was, like all good Americans, concerned about the world around me. I wondered how the firefighters were doing in the battle against the flames in Arizona. I wondered if the stock market could find it's way out of the depths of hell. I wondered if we'd get rain soon. So I logged on to my computer and hit my handy, preset News button, And found out what's trending in the "news" for the USA. Am I the only one who finds the following stories absolutely, positively stupid?

In Politics



Now I am the first to admit that there's a hunger out there for stupid human tricks. And inane factoids. And John Boehner has said and done many offensive things in office. Lighting up? This is news?

Women shouldn't date attractive men. Or marry them. That's not worth the paper it wasn't even printed on.

Hollywood couple with matching jewelry? We're sinking ever deeper here and the stench is rising.
Pulled over for y…