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Here we are again. A blog worth repeating.

Nothing original today. It's Saturday. And as I always do, I sit here in my pj's drinking coffee. My daughter has left for her Saturday morning tennis gig. Much like a year ago. Jan 8th 2011. Only that didn't turn out so good. I am republishing my blog from last year. With some updates. Because with so many memorials going on this weekend, I felt the need to add my own. 

First, the original post.
Jan 10, 2011  Every Saturday morning for several months now, I could be found, precisely at 10am, at the corner of Ina and Oracle in Tucson, having just dropped my daughter off at tennis.
Until two weekends ago, when as luck would have it, she got her license and her sister was willing to go with her so I could stay in my pj's and drink coffee and relax. Well, that first Saturday anyway.
This last one not so much. About 10:30am my mother called. "Did you hear the news?" she asked. "Noooo..." I replied.  "Gabby's been shot in the head," she continu…