Lists. We all have them. We all make them. Most of us never ever complete them. And then there are the lists you make for others. Ok, yeah, like your spouse.

My husband's to-do list isn't very long. Not because he's particularly efficient at completing anything. It's just that he has this affliction known as List ADD . Or LADD as it's known here in wifedom.Whatever you need done, there's always something else that has to be done first. And if there isn't, he'll find something.

Take today's super long list. One item. Go to bank and make deposit. 8am. "OK. Going to the bank now." 8:30 am. "Ok, going in just one minute." 9am. "Yeah, I'm leaving." 9:30 am "let me just fix this jumprope." Yep. Jumprope. He's fixing a jumprope. "Honey? The balance is down to $15. Do ya think you could get a move on?" So OK, my fault for putting it on the list, I should have known better.

"Honey? Doesn't our HOA have a policy about holiday lights coming down within 30 days?"
"yeah, but the next holiday is almost here"
"What's that?"
"Groundhog's Day," he says. "And I need to get these filters changed first."
"What filters?"
"The ones in the ceiling."
"I thought you did that last month?"
"No time," he says. "I had to put the lights up!"

"Honey? Didn't we decide when the trash can lid doesn't close it's time to maybe perhaps think about taking it out?"
"It closes, you just have to sit on it, " he replies, adding "and I just need to get this picture hung."
"What picture?"
"You know, the one you wanted in the front hall."
"That was a year ago."
"Well then aren't you glad I finally got around to it?"

Believe me I'm the world's biggest procrastinator, but if you aren't going to do something, then don't do anything. This idea that there is always something more important than what I want done makes me nuts. Yeah Yeah, I know. It's deliberate. He just likes to be his own boss. Back to the big kahuna thing I guess.

In the end, I've gotten it down to a science. If I play my cards right, nothing I need him to do is ever on that list...that way it's guaranteed to get done.

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