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corner politics

An open letter to those at the corner of Oracle and Ina today. You know who you are. And now we do too.

You wrap yourselves in the American flag yet you know nothing of America. You carry signs saying NO Amnesty. Well I say Amnesty not Ignorance. In fact, you all stand on the corner chanting and waving flags, protesting the fact that a Federal Judge said NO to warrantless arrests. If someone arrested you without a warrant you would stand on the mountain top to protest that this is America and they CANNOT do that.

You are so wrapped up in your hatred, bigotry and scapegoating you cannot hear the truth even when it is being repeated day after day. But I am stubborn, so I will try again.

Illegal immigration is not on the rise, it is on the decline. I won't cite the numbers, for you will not believe me. So look it up yourself.
Crime? That too is down here in Arizona, not up. We don't have more crime on the border, we have more crime SOUTH of the border. Why? Because we keep the dr…

Blast off

Ok. So my birthday is fast approaching and I'm not happy about it. Why is it all my childhood friends are all turning 50 this year. Coincidence? Cruel Fate? And here I'm still in my 30's. Give or take. But. I did have tickets Wednesday for Elton John. That was a bright spot. Then he got food poisoning. And I could sense the impending doom. House of cards.

So how amazing was it that last night Sir Elton showed up to give us that concert we had all anticipated. He said "I cannot NOT come and sing for you." And so he did just that. 3 hours of unadulterated musical bliss. Now I've seen Elton John before. I'm approaching elderly after all. Maybe not quite as old as some of the other fans in the audience. Whew. Maxine's got nothin on them! But as a teen I absolutely loved the Yellow Brick Road concert at Nassau Coliseum. And a few years ago, got to see a whole different style show with The Red Piano in Vegas. But nothing, nothing, compared to last night.


The 4th of July, now more than ever

Every year on this day I remind my daughters to say Thank You to their ancestors who fought the good fight and gave us the freedom we have today. Freedom that some would slowly but surely take from us if we aren't vigilant. So before entering into my rant for today:
Hats off to my childrens' forefathers: 
Lemuel Sturtevant. Lieutenant, Massachusetts Line
Daniel Baldwin.  Private, Connecticut Line
Elijah Baldwin.  Private, Connecticut Line
John Dean. Corporal New Hampshire Militia, Battle of Bennington
Ambrose Barnett. Private, 14th Virginia Regiment
William Johns. Private, 5th Pennsylvania Regiment, at Valley Forge
Valentine Coosard. Private, New Jersey Militia, POW at Sugar House

Levi Davis. Private, Maryland Line
Gilbert Ritchey. Private Pennsylvania Line

Real Patriots. Real People. Who Deserve Real Respect. Read a little about what one such ancestor endured. 

Valentine Coosard was taken prisoner at the Battle of Fort Washington, and jailed at the infamous sugar house.

Years later, in a …

I finally understand the meaning of FML

I see it everywhere. FML. At first glance I thought it meant something about families. yeah yeah. Smack me on the forehead stupid, I know. But I just couldn't find any phrase to fit. So then I figured, some new kid slang. I tried my damndest to decipher no avail. My girls laughed. Really mom? Really? You don't know what FML means?

But now I do. It just hadn't happened to me yet. But here I am. It's 106 F'ng degrees and the Governor is talking about decapitated bodies in the desert and 6 year old drug mules and the schools are broke and I can't sell my F'ng house and so now I know what FML means.

I shouldn't. But I do. I'm supposed to be living in the beautiful aristic, culturally diverse paradise known as the southwest. Instead I'm living in the ugliest place on earth.

My friends across the country assume I want to leave because I'm afraid. You know, of Mexican criminals crossing the border. I am afraid. That's true. Of the F…