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How sad we've all become

I find it amazing. On Facebook, you can spread a story in about 90 seconds across a million miles. Usually it ends up being untrue. Now truth on the other hand, well, try to spread a little of that and you'll be shut down in 90 seconds flat.

I find it incredibly disturbing. If you ask people to copy and paste a post that's been copied and pasted over and over, they will do it. Because it's already been done. No risk. Ask them to share something real and powerful... they simply move on. Fear? Or simply social insecurities. If you post it, maybe someone will unfriend you. Or worse, maybe people just don't really give a damn.

I used to complain that people were on Facebook and not posting. Just creeping. Now they post every little tiny detail of their life. Every single one. Good gravy. I don't need to know about your irritable bowel. Or your hangnail. I just don't. So while I recognize that I've chastised you in the past for not participating... now I'm s…

Write it down...

The other day I got upset with my family. My daughter in her infinite wisdom said, "blog about it Mom, you write about everything else that upsets you!" And I thought, um no, they'd all read it and get all huffy and use it as an excuse to justify their earlier behavior. Than I remembered most of them don't read my blog. And it's true, if you write it down, you release some of the pent up frustration and anger at the ridiculousness of others. Besides, there is a message in here somewhere. You can't pick your family. They are who they are. All their faults and foibles. But they're your family and there is a line you don't cross. If you know something you say is going to be terribly hurtful don't say it. Arguments will happen but should never ever be hateful. And always consider the endgame.

So the other day it was my birthday. Not a cause for major celebration just a day to reflect and appreciate the fact that I'm still here. And for my siblings…

Patriots or terrorists?

The tea party says they're not terrorists.  Well, let's discuss it rationally.

How does one take down a nation? You take down their economy.
How can a small group of citizens take down the economy?

That's the key. Our economy is built on three things. Production. We must not only consume, but produce. Two, an educated and healthy populace. That requires funding. And three, financial security. Which requires sound governance.

The Tea Party attacked our nation by attacking our governance. Attacking our funding. And ultimately, tearing down our ability to produce. This past week was nothing more than financial terrorism. Holding our nation's economy hostage, to achieve their own political goals.

For Tea Baggers, and yes I don't use the term lightly, it is not about country, it's about self. And shame on them all for that. When we stop being a society built on putting others before self, we stop being a society worthy of respect. And when we lose the respect of the…