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Thanksgiving Thoughts.

First, why is that Facebook thinks you want them to group all posts regarding Thanksgiving together and then only show you one. Click to see more. Holiday wishes from your best friends get buried in the mire of thanksgiving bullshit being spewn out by retailers lucky enough to have had you "like" them.

Why do retailers think its OK to take advantage of all the poor. Literally. You want to be able to buy that precious doll for your baby girl? Hmmm? Then get off your ass, ditch the Turkey dinner with the family and come wait on line, freeze your ass off and bring cash and maybe, just maybe you'll get one of the 3 we have in stock. Oops! Too late, but they've got another doll. Sure it costs more and isn't the one she wants. But you're already there, already sucked in. It's wrong on so many levels it disgusts me.

And don't get me started on the poor schmoes who have to work on Black Friday which technically now begins on Crimson Thursday. Why Crimson you …