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The joys of imperfect parenting

My husband and I are good parents. Regardless of what the latest measure of success might be.
To be honest, I am sick to death of those thinly masked braggarts who claim, in the same breath...they only want their kids to be happy...and how proud they are at their latest accomplishment. Which is it?
Or Success?

For a long time I tried to quell that evil green monster inside. At least I thought that's what it was. I would always be annoyed when I'd hear from someone, be it relative or friend, that I hadn't heard from in eons... because they wanted to share their news. Little Joey got into Harvard. Little Prissy is on her way to Julliard. Little Buffy got a perfect 2400 on her SAT's. And Maximillian was offered a 6-figure job with only his Bachelors.

Such successful children. How can that have happened? Aren't these the same kids who, as teenagers, swore like sailors, wore nose rings, tattoos in unmentionable places, had DUI's and went missing for days on en…

Just call me Rev.

I have made a significant life changing decision and feel there is no better time than now to share it. I have decided to become a virtually ordained minister. Why you might wonder would a Jewish Born non-practicing Unitarian even consider such a step? Because it suits me.

I'm going to now wear the moniker of Reverend Mary Miller, Minister of the Church of the Aqueous Unicorn. Pastor of all who are parched.

First, as to my decision. I am, at heart, a wordsmith. But of late I have found my words seem to have little impact on my friends, family, strangers who happen upon my blog... and I suppose there is a valid reason for that. It's possible I'm a lousy writer. Maybe I just offend people with my opinions. Perhaps I'm a boor. Or a bore. Boor. Bore. Bear. Whatever.

But I have this inexplicable need to have my literary musings actually read by someone. Anyone. I need attention. So I thought what better way to lend importance to my ramblings than with a title that by it'…

Create a Positive Moment

What if everyone does ONE thing to make someone else's life better today. One that's comforting. One that's filled with joy. One that's helpful.

What if we all Create a Positive Moment today.

Just one. Open a door for someone. Hold it open. Move to the side before someone has to ask. Let someone go in front of you. Shovel the sidewalk just a little further down on your neighbor's side. Smile and say hello to the first person you see. Try it.

You have a cartload of groceries? Let the guy with just one thing behind you go first.

Waiting for that elderly woman to get up the stairs in front of you? Give her your arm and help her.

I'm not suggesting that you give up your valuable time and volunteer 8 days a week. Or donate financially to 82 different causes. I'm suggesting you give someone something that costs you nothing and means everything.

Do you know how much one smile to a store clerk can mean during their shift? Or how much more that smile means to your …

This is hard.

Every Saturday morning for several months now, I could be found, precisely at 10am, at the corner of Ina and Oracle in Tucson, having just dropped my daughter off at tennis.

Until two weekends ago, when as luck would have it, she got her license and her sister was willing to go with her so I could stay in my pj's and drink coffee and relax. Well, that first Saturday anyway.

This last one not so much. About 10:30am my mother called. "Did you hear the news?" she asked. "Noooo..." I replied.  "Gabby's been shot in the head," she continued rapidly, " at the Safeway at Ina and Oracle."As my heart sank through my stomach, she went on to say it was at point blank range, the shooter had run off after firing a bunch more. That's when my maternal alarm went off. The girls were just down the road from that now infamous corner playing tennis and a madman was loose. I quickly searched the internet for information, but it was hard to find. Very ha…