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Are you an American first?

In reference to the President of the United States commenting on the political situation in Wisconsin, Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina called the president's recent remarks on the situation "inappropriate."

"I think the president should be focusing on what we're doing in Washington," Graham said Sunday on NBC's "Meet the Press." "When the president talks about Wisconsin, I think that is really inappropriate."

See full remarks at cnn

So Sen Graham, of SOUTH CAROLINA, thinks it's inappropriate for the President to remark on WISCONSIN. Hmm. I could probably just end this blog right now. It's quite obvious that either Mr. Graham has lost his map of these United States or he's forgotten what the President's role is.

I'm not sure that I fully understand the grievances in Wisconsin, or the whole budget mess they are in. And for that reason, it's not appropriate for me to comment on it specifically. But…

VD anyone?

In honor of this most auspicious holiday, Valentine's Day, I figured I'd throw in my nickel's worth.
So, let's get this out there. It's a holiday which, like all others, started out as pagan and ended up with a Saint involved. And while it has good intentions, for some those are very hard to find. So hopefully today's blog will inspire those who have a hard time with it it to experience their own joy on this day, regardless of whether they have a personal valentine in their life. And hopefully carry that joy onward, so every day you find a little something to celebrate.

Full disclosure requires me to admit that my first 24 Valentine's Days sucked. Well, ok, as an infant and toddler, you could say I sensed a vibe going on around me, just not through me.

In grade school, everyone gets valentines. It's a rule. Knowing that, there were always those girls who got special secret valentines slipped to them at recess. Or left in their lunchbox. These were the s…

As you like it!

What could possibly be wrong with expressing your appreciation for a page on Facebook.
So you're a big fan of Miralax, want some coupons, need to lose a few pounds, hey go for it.
Maybe you can't get enough of the remixed version of Journey, so, you Like their Facebook page. I'm not judging you. Much.
You're favorite beverage is Red Bull. I get it.
But with the ability to not only Like a Facebook fan page, or product, but to actually Like outside elements, such as a news story or web site, well, things get a bit sticky for me. Now I'm not sure who determines exactly how a page on the web is referenced when you like it. Probably the same guy who writes all those insightful witticisms in fortune cookies.

Today I learned that some of my friends on Facebook like some very strange things.
TJ Likes Migraines. RP Likes Switchblades. LB Likes Rat Poison. ET Likes Herpes. I'm not saying I misunderstand these lovely one-liners, I'm saying they look really stupid whe…