Give in to it...

Why is it that somehow, during the evolutionary process, being civilized somehow became synonymous with quashing all your impulses. I mean, is it really necessary? Would society really deteriorate all that much if we actually gave in once in awhile? I'm not talking about the crazy impulses....the ones that might cause any harm to anyone. Just the routine, run-of-the mill, wouldn't it be great if we could....those kinds of impulses.

Like trying on the crazy hat in the gift shop even though you look ridiculous. 

Or every time I look out the window, the neighbor is a washing a car right there in front of his house. His car. His wife's car. The kids' cars. They don't even live at home any more, but they return every weekend and park in the reserved wash spot. So you think to yourself, what would happen if I parked my car there. Would they just automatically wash it? Where's the harm? They'd be beautifying the neighborhood!

Ever have the urge to laugh at a really inappropriate time? Like a funeral service? Bar Mitzvah? Wedding? In fact, my husband and I both had a terrible case of the giggles while the minister was doing his spiel at our own wedding. We just looked at each other and simultaneously began shaking with laughter. And all eyes are on you and you can't do a damn thing about it.

You're standing in line at the checkout, and the guy in front of you is taking just a tad too long to unload the 3 items from the super size cart. Not because he's physically challenged. Uh uh. He's reading the damn tabloid. World News probably. So you think, I should just grab the magazine and shove it in his hands and tell him to buy it and move along.Would that be so bad?

You're at the theatre and the guy in front of you is like 7 feet tall and keeps leaning to the left. So you lean to the right, and he leans to the right. Back and forth until you suddenly have this urge to smack that big bald head.Would he even notice?

Did you ever bring something with you to a friends house maybe for dinner, or a barbecue, and then suddenly wish you could somehow sneak it out with you when you left? My mother came the other night, brought a pie. And the Cool Whip too. Now, no, she didn't sneak the Pie with her when she left. But she did blatantly take the Cool Whip. Who does that? I just wanted to grab it out of her hands as she was walking out the door.

I have an administrative assistant, who quite frankly, is one of those real bright spots in my day. I call her up, and instead of saying, "Hey, how can I help you?" she greets me with "What do you want?" I love that about her. She's defying the laws of civilized society and even better, mocking our phony "respectful" office behaviors.  I'm thinking she needs a promotion for that.

So maybe today, for just one day, we can have a little fun. Lighten up. Give in to one impulse. I'm guessing if we do, the world won't stop turning, the heavens won't open up and curse us with 40 days and nights of torrential rains, and no, it won't go on our permanent record. But it may just make us all a little more human.

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