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Move over Micki D's... there's a new Fry in town.

So I was planning to tell you about my fabulous new low carb grain free chocolate bundt cake. But while it tasted pretty good... it looked like a chocolate donut suffering from radiation poisoning. Kind of a "Honey I shrunk the kids" cake. So, a little coffee whipped cream on top and a large serving on a small plate, and it actually appeared almost normal. Just not blog worthy.

But these are.

These are OMG fabulous. No, I haven't caved in and abandoned the cave-people way of eating. These aren't potatoes. Really, they aren't. Well, truthfully they might be known as Mexican potatoes. 
Or Jicama. That's Hi-ki-ma. If you don't travel to the southwest, you may not be aware that this incredibly delicious root vegetable is a staple in regional cuisine. I've never had it cooked before though, as it's usually found in salads. And I'm a big fan of it in salads. But I saw that bloggers were discussing Jicama fries and absolutely had to try it. 
Now, ful…

How to eat pancakes and lose weight

Make your pancakes and eat them too? Without wearing them on your thighs? Seriously. No, there's no magic pill or hours in the gym required. You just need a really good friend like moi to go out and hunt down recipes and try them until the right one comes along. And because I do NOT believe in stealing from others... I will always tell you where to find the original (please click on it and show him support). It's a fabulous blog, called thewannabechef by someone much younger and wiser than me LOL.

Sure, I always tamper with recipes. In this case, I went sugar free using Truvia (stevia) instead of sugar. But how simple this was is ridiculous.

And I need some ridiculously easy delicious food if I'm going to stick with this new healthy eating thing. Let's be clear. In our home, healthy eating does NOT mean weird grains sprouting horns out of your food or getting a house charge account at GNC.

What it means is eating non-processed foods, and eliminating foods we probably ne…

Short people got.... ingenuity

I know some of you are starting to wonder why it is that my photos are all taken before I remove my oh so deliciously tempting cuisine from the oven. Why don't I do what normal people do? Spend a few hours plating it all up and pretending I'm a real foodie blogger. Create atmosphere. Lighting. Buy a real camera. Get a tripod. Be professional.

Perhaps I do it this way because things that rise so beautifully tend to fall when they hit the cool air. Or because they look so much prettier on the rack. Or maybe my food is just so darn fabulous it doesn't make it to the table. Um no.

It's because once removed from the oven, they are placed on a cooling rack on the counter which is normal people height not short people height. Now try to take photo of something from above when it's in your face not at your fingertips.

Really. I either have to ask for help from hubby, which is like admitting some sort of huge defeat in my book, not to mention the extreme laughter that would…

For the love of Brownies

As many of you know, I will try almost any diet. Unless it excludes chocolate. I do not believe that good health can be obtained without nature's all-purpose remedy for anything that ails you. So now this whole neo-paleo, grain-free thing along with the diabetic watch your sugars thing and ultimately low carb for weight loss thing has really crimped my Brownie style.

I have made countless efforts at replicating the true Brownie experience. I've used Coconut Flour, Almond Flour, Coconut Oil, Organic Butter, Large Eggs and Brown eggs. A dash of Cream and a dash of Chile powder. You name it I've tried it. Even flourless with Almond Butter. Not good. I've exhausted every corner of Google Earth. No, really, I have.
In the end, the answer was so simple. My new friend Patrick of the annual Termite Inspection ilk had a few words of wisdom. Noticing my preparation in the kitchen for baking... some might call it a disaster area, and being as he had to go through all the cupboard…

Sensational summer quiche

So what is this new eating plan that has me cooking and baking once more? And ignoring my political duty to rant and rave about Floridian justice and a morally bankrupt social strata? The fact is when I'm upset, and this whole "sure he killed him but he isn't guilty of anything" verdict has me upset... I eat. I also eat when I'm happy. And sometimes when I'm hungry. While some people can eat and eat and eat and their body shapes never change or they just run a damn marathon to compensate... I am a well rounded human being, pun intended, and marathons do not fit my lifestyle. Back to the plan.

Well, it's a combination of different, trendy, new weight loss programs. In other words, skip the trendy and go with what works for us... so we stick with it. No grains. No Starch. Meats, poultry and dairy? Free range and hormone free... and NOT grain-fed. No Sugar. Ok maybe a teaspoon here and there :). So if you are looking for low-fat... stop here. Won't find i…

The joy of cooking reinvented

So instead of bitching about the state of the world, apathy and morally bankrupt politicians, I've decided it's more fun to write about my new love of cooking. As in food I can actually eat without wearing. So today, let me introduce you to a fabulous lo-carb, grain free Zucchini nut bread. You'll need a few things, so don't start breaking out the baking essentials unless you've got some Almond Flour (not meal, needs to be finely ground) and some good spices.

OK. I know, where does one get Almond Flour? My personal favorite is In fact I love their variety of crazy ingredients and fabulous foods I can actually eat.
Back to Zucchini Nut Bread. In all fairness, I started with a few different recipes I found online. After trial and error, settled on this one to start with. Great site by the way.
Then I made my usual adjustments. Melissa wanted walnuts. I can't use honey. So …