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Pancakes. Simple, pure, wholesome and gggfree.

I'm discovering that pancakes can be a fabulous low carb, grain and gluten free option. Really. And the more I play around with batters, the more I realize bisquick was just one of a thousand mixtures you could use.

So here's how to create your own spin on pancakes and invent your own signature recipe.
Start with equal parts of a variety of nut and bean flours on the market. There are sooo many to choose from. In today's recipe, I used equal parts of chickpea flour (garbanzo/besan) and peanut flour. Why peanut flour? Simple. The lower fat nut flours won't provide the texture or binding you need. So if you use Almond flour it's a little dry. Hazelnut flour a little gritty. So you have to experiment. I've also added Whey protein which is great but seems it doesn't agree with me in larger amounts. 
C'est la vie.
So, for every 1/2 cup of flour, use one egg and 1/2 teaspoon baking soda, along with a heaping tablespoon of sweetener (I prefer Swerve) and 1/3 c…

Pancakes of champions

OK, I know I have some good pancake recipes. They are good. Perhaps very good. For grain free low carb. But very good isn't great or fabulous, or awesome. My daughter came home for spring break. I made some pancakes, did a little improvising. She liked them. Said they were good. Polished them off. So I had to make some more.

My idea was make a batch of these on the weekend and slip them in the fridge to grab and heat in the mornings. So they had to be reheatable in the microwave. And they had to last.

So I made another batch. Again, they were good she said, perhaps better, and polished them off.

There's a pattern here you see. I cook she eats. But sadly, yesterday, we said goodby to our young one, school was beckoning. So this morning, I thought, one more try on those pancakes. I am sooo close. She kept saying she wanted fluffier. Too weighed down it seems. Taste was good, texture just not Ihoppy enough. Really? I played with nut flours and protein and water versus almond milk…