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Entitlements. The truth and the heart of the election.

A lot of readers may get very angry at what I am about to discuss. Others will be confused by my ramblings. Mostly I think people will have the uncomfortable feeling that I'm right and I shouldn't be and it mustn't be true but is.

So here it is. Republicans believe entitlements are a scurge on our economy. A detriment to our work ethic. A budget-busting frivolity and a deficit-boosting evil.

A republican will say that entitlements drag us all down. They don't inspire us. They drain us as a society. They diminish the incentive to work hard and prosper. We must reduce, if not eliminate them for our Nation to once again rise to the top.

But for me entitlements are far more insidious in the Republican universe. And there's one entitlement they aren't discussing. The elephant in the room if you will. The entitlement that lies at the very heart of the anti-Obama sentiment. That pure, unadulterated hatred that we see across our nation for a man who clearly, by all the…

Romney-Ryan are just a couple of regular guys...

Let's face it. Romney and Ryan are a picture perfect team to try and take back America. Because they look just like the face of America. Well.. in their eyes.

What do they see in the mirror? Prosperous. Healthy. Successful. Heterosexual. Male. White. Pearly White Teeth. Blemish free. The American dream personified. What do they see at their fundraising events?

Oh wait. That's not all of America. They'll need more votes than that won't they. They need to court regular folks to win the White House now. Hmmm. How to fix that.

I know. They can play "let's pretend". Just like those fools at the free rallies waving flags and singing songs of God and Country. They're pretending to be just like Romney and Ryan. Except they probably don't have pearly white teeth. And their necks are a bit redder without those starched white collars. And don't you love the outfits. Romney gets the tie... Ryan gets the jacket. But neither wears both because then they cou…