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I report, you decide.

Yes, it seems like 2012 is around the corner. And the republicans and tea baggers, sorry, tea partiers (ever wonder what they're partying with?), are scrambling to put up a candidate who can defeat Obama.

That said, that's take a peak, shall we?

Donald Trump. Self proclaimed American Billionaire. Or is it Millionaire. You Decide. OK, now. Having read the article (I'm giving credit probably where it's not due) is a man prone to exaggeration and frivolous lawsuits when his businesses are failing a good candidate for leader of the free world? Is a man who condones bullying in a corporate environment for the sake of TV ratings worthy of your vote? Is a man who used to evict the elderly in the name of progress someone you want as a role model for your children? You decide.

Newt Gingrich. Now here's a prize. He made and broke a Contract with America. He impeached the President for sexual misconduct. Which in his case we are now supposed to forgive, forget and move on bec…

Round 1 elimination

It felt a bit odd, but necessary. Southwest Airlines is the first to go off air on my twitter account. Granted it's only been 2 days, and some might say I am being harsh. But their tweets are simply, well, boring. I have no room in my life for boring. Funny, sure. Like Ellen's cat photos. Now they are funny.  Interesting? Bring it on... like new releases from a favorite band.

Boring is something you put up with when you have an endgame. You put up with a boring professor because he never gives less than a B. You put up with a boring coworker because he or she happens to be a really organized and meticulous employee who saves your ass on a weekly basis.

You put up with boring relatives because, well, you have to. For so many reasons. Aunt Gretchen? Yeah, smells a little funny and repeats the same tragic story about her long lost almost boyfriend every thanksgiving. Usually starts about mid-carve through the turkey and finishes AFTER all that tryptophan kicks in and you just cann…

Every 7.9 seconds

I signed up for Twitter today. Not because I want to tweet my every move and thought. Nor did I sign up so I can stalk everyone I know to see what they are doing and thinking every 7.9 seconds. Personally I find the whole thing ridiculous.

Having said that, my friend started a new business and is trying to get the word out and I was asked to sign up at her request. That's why I did it. But then I thought wow how ridiculous to only follow one tweeter. So I thought, I'll add some. So I searched and searched but found only a handful were worth adding. My sisters. Bill Gates. The President. David Spade, for fun. Then I decided the next three times I saw the "follow me" sign I'd do it. Obviously whatever I was reading was of some interest. I'm up to following 19. Wow.

So the question is, will I read these tweets? I still don't quite understand how it works. Can I remove them? What if I start getting bombarded with silly tweets like "riding my pig" or…

It's called life.

Today's forecast:
The sun is out. It'll be warm. Breezy. And here in Arizona, they'll be no natural disasters. No earthquakes or tsunamis. No violent twisters or ice storms. No Blizzards. If the nearest reactor leaks, it's far enough away from me. More than likely, nothing terrible will happen in my neighborhood today.  At least nothing newsworthy. But down the road, and across the great seas, many many things will happen. Good and bad. Mother's will lose babies. Fathers will lose sons. Villages will be destroyed. By Fire. Wind. Rain. Tyrannical maniacs. Disease. Somewhere, every minute of every day, something is happening that reminds us of our mortality. Our ability to cope. Our Survival skills. And our Compassion. Something happens every minute of every day that reminds us as well of our lack of humility. Our narcissism. Our selfishness. And our delusions of superiority.

So we build up our defenses. Emotional walls to help us deal with things we as humans aren&#…

Watching the world zip by

When they told me my surgery would take 6 weeks to recover from, I nodded and thought yeah, but I'll be up and around in no time. Nothing like thinking I know more than everyone else who's been there. Even my own surgeon.

Ok, this is not for the squeamish. But since I've had so many questions, I'll let you all know. This is the diary of a madwoman who is now sane. Or at least less medicated. After giving surgical birth to a somewhat large alien being, commonly known as a fibroid. How big? suffice to say that odd curvature of my belly was not the curse of bad genes or bad dieting. Nope. It was a Uterus grown amuck.

So, that being said, we went with an old fashioned hysterectomy not quite 3 weeks ago. No state of the art surgical techniques or fancy robotics for me. Slice and dice as they say. So, it was quite invasive, and took a little longer than they thought. But I had a wonderful surgeon. She was good. She was careful. There were absolutely no complications. From th…