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Holiday Waffles low carb and fabulous for any day!

So I got a waffle maker for Christmas. Yay!!!!! Only where are the recipes? You know, that I can use? None. Only 3 recipes in the booklet, wheat and yeast and sugar. Ugh. I need Low Carb Waffles. That taste like the real deal! Plenty of coconut recipes out there, but I don't like working with coconut flour. Tends to come out dry and more like a cornmeal consistency.

So I did some research. First, what's the difference between Pancake batter and Waffle batter? I don't know, but I do know how to make fantastic low carb pancakes. So I figured I'd start there and see what google says.

Google says check the forums. So I checked the forums. Most people say the difference is in the oil and how you add the eggs. Ok. Seems the secret is in the eggs themselves. Separate them, and fold in the egg whites and you have waffles. Seems simple enough.

Only what's this about oil????? My pancakes don't use oil. I cook them in butter. I'll use butter. Melted. Just a little oi…

Saturdays in Tucson

So expecting a dark and stormy Saturday, I put on my baking apron and waited for the sun to disappear behind the angry clouds. And waited. And waited. But alas, it's another happy sunny day with no sign of rain. Yet.

So what to bake? I've had a few somewhat snippy, possibly angry, messages lately from blog readers wondering why nothing new is coming out. My blog is dry. Just like my surroundings. So I promised myself, a new recipe for today. I just don't know what that is. It'll be healthy, that much I can tell you. Hubby asked "do you have what you need?" Of course I do. 
It's just an idea of what to do with them I don't have. I was thinking Pecans though. I have a whole bagful. Fudge could be in order. Or not. Maybe I should go savory today. Big pot of soup. Or chile. Or some wild new salad combination. Nah. 
I'm just really out of zip. I'm tired. It's sunny. I have no motivation. Hang on. I do have motivation. Today is the day I'm g…

Coffee Cake. So Coffee doesn't have to drink alone.

Normally Saturday morning is Pancakes. All kinds. But today I was inspired to once again try to make a coffee cake. You know the one. With the stream of cinnamon sugar and a few nuts rolling through it along with a hint of apple? But creating that slice of deliciousness without wheat flour has been challenging. I've tried coconut flour.... eew. Dry as a bone. I tried whey protein... not so agreeable with me. So this time, I did a little of this and a little of that. The two ingredients you may not find in your pantry? Full fat peanut flour and Maca Powder. Both available from which I freely admit to being addicted to. Love that place. And no, I do not receive any compensation for saying that.

GGGFree Coffee Cake

Preheat oven to 350. Grease an 8 x 8 pyrex dish.

1 cup Almond flour less three tbsp 
1 cup full fat Peanut Flour
1 Teaspoon Cinnamon
3 TBSP Maca Powder
2 teaspoons BAKING POWDER
1/2 cup sweetener. Use a natural granular that measures and bakes cup for cup like sugar…

Sure Ive got a Muffin Top. I've got hundreds and I love them all.

Always trying to improve upon a necessary breakfast food, here's another tweak to the muffin. Some of the ingredients are not ordinary staples in your pantry, I understand that. But if you live a grain free life, and eat low carb foods, these are new pantry essentials that will turn a low carb diet into a fabulous new way to eat. Diet is an ugly word. It's restrictive. It is something you can go "on" and "off" which is awful for you. Just learn to use a few new kitchen essentials and you won't miss a thing.
Except maybe corn. Cannot help you there.

Remember, if you are unfamiliar with some of the ingredients, send me a note and I'll let you know where to find them!

Now, muffins aren't fussy. So you can make these in a bowl with a mixing spoon, no fancy electric mixers or dough paddles required. Just a few minutes to whisk and stir.

1 cup peanut flour 1 cup less 3 tablespoons almond flour 3 tablespoons maca powder   2 teaspoons baking powder 1/4…

Ditch the box and start from scratch

Sometimes competition gets the best of you. Sometimes you just need to prove you can. Whatever it is, you can. So, in my quest to be this all put together adult member of an ever increasing family preparing for the eldest of the next generation's marriage to another large family I somehow declared that during the chaos of the wedding weekend I would in fact bake a cake for my daughter's birthday.

There was some nobility behind this. We don't eat traditional birthday cake and I certainly wanted to make things special. But then I realized that what we consider delicious and wholesome and healthy even may not be suitable for everyone else. That whole judgement thing started creeping in. What if my cake sucks? What if someone runs out to the nearest grocery store to get an emergency cake because they think mine is somehow fake cake?

Well, I figured I better practice. Make sure my cake can be made quickly and easily amidst all the chaos. I know my muffins are good. And my layer…

Emily's Lovely Lemon Drops

After a week of dipping fresh Strawberries in homemade chocolate dipping sauce, we were ready for something totally different. Still healthy of course, just different. Cookies. Buttery, sugary cookies.

We also thought it was time to break out the new fruit extracts. When you first go low carb you discover that you can dress up anything with a good extract. Not artificial flavors and not sugary syrups. Just a little extract can change up a recipe in a heartbeat.

Which is what you'll have many more of if you eat right. Lose the grain, lose the sugar... and ultimately gain your health back.

The great thing about these cookies? You can change up the flavor of the cookie, and change up the flavor of the icing. Ultimately there's no end to the combinations you can make.  And they are the perfect recipe for a summer day, since they don't take long to bake. Plus, in the summertime when your children are home? You can get them to do the baking. Now mine are grown, but I bet you can…

Miss Maple Muffins

So I love all things Maple. Seriously. I would almost trade chocolate for maple sugar candy. Almost. It was a favorite treat growing up. Finding out you are diabetic is hard enough. Learning Maple sugar candy is out? Oh my goodness.

But wait. What is this I have found on Amazon? Maple Extract? Can it be? Can I make something totally Maple and delicious without the sugar?

It was a gamble to be sure. Especially with our current houseguest being a native Vermonter with his own affinity for Maple. But my daughter and I had our sights set on it. Well, truthfully, we figured out how to make a Maple glaze icing. You know the kind at the donut shop? We also figured out how to make a Cherry. And about 6 other flavors. What can I tell you, it was mother daughter bonding time. Fill a bowl with powdered sweetener, add a little cream, then divide into little dishes and add different extracts for flavor. The Maple was so good we wanted more. We just didn't have anything to glaze. She did sugges…

A new twist on an old favorite.

So I'm not running a bagel shop and I don't happen to poppy seeds laying around. And thinking that's a good thing. I love a good bagel. But way off topic. Back to poppy seeds. I have none. What I do have are Hemp Hearts. The heart of the Hemp seed which tastes pretty much like a sunflower seed. Almost exactly actually. 
Now I also have Lemons. It is Arizona after all. And today's a big day for the Millers. Our daughter comes home. Now among all the chaos this brings (suitcases, boxes, all the things she's accumulated over the last 5 years including a significant other and 2 bunny rabbits and all their belongings.. whew. yeah. But I realized the brownies I made the other day unfortunately flopped so I couldn't in good conscience offer them. I used cashew flour mixed with Almond Flour and that's a totpic for an all too different blog.

So I decided I'm tired of Blueberry Muffins and my Mocha Java doesn't go well with the sugar free apricot preserves. Wha…

Burnt peanuts without sugar? Oh but of course!

I had this urge for boston baked beans. No, not the kind in a can, the kind in a bag in the candy section at the store. I thought hmmm. How how how????
So I looked up recipes for them. And found a number of them. Very simple really. Cook some peanuts in sugar water. Except I don't do sugar. I Swerve. And Swerve I did.
And they were crunchy and crispy and sweet and incredible. I know because my husband, who for those who aren't aware, is as physically fit as you can be. An athlete, he can eat anything. He says these are amazing. You will too. 

So here goes. Use 1/2 cup Swerve per cup of raw spanish peanuts and 2 to 3 tablespoons water and a pinch of salt. Mix the Swerve, water and salt till blended (no heat), then, add the peanuts and heat the mixture till simmering stirring constantly. Keep cooking until the liquid is mostly evaporated, and then spread mixture out on a parchment lined tray. Bake for about 15 minutes in a 300 degree oven, remove and let cool for an hour or so.…

Donuts. Nuf said

Today's blog isn't a blog. Well, it is. But it's not my recipe. It's from a genius named Carolyn Ketchum who turns living a low carb diabetic life into a culinary adventure.

Today I made her donuts. I was skeptical, sure. I mean donuts without flour? or Sugar? 
So, head over here:
That's where you will find the miracle recipe. She used a peanut butter glaze, so here's my chocolate glaze. Sorry, I'm a chocoholic.
1 oz unsweetened chocolate 2.5 tablespoons unsalted butter 2 tablespoons Confectioners Swerve.
Melt the chocolate and butter and stir until smooth. Add the Swerve and stir until creamy and pourable, and then pour it over the donuts. 
I can't say enough about these. Except there's something so appealing about tonight's dessert being  tomorrow's breakfast. What could be better.

A good cup of coffee is only matched by a good slab of pound cake.

Can I just tell you how sick I am of people flaunting their cinnamon buns on Pinterest? If you are gluten, grain and sugar free it's really an impossible situation. Oh sure I've seen others with their recipes that require you to soak your hands in oil to prepare the dough and others that ask you to do the impossible... like level 9 baking skills required... it's just not for me. I need something relatively foolproof. I'm not cake boss. 
Let's not even talk about walking through an airport and the smell of those cinnamon buns following you everywhere to remind you that life is a bit unfair sometimes.
But wait! It's the smell yes... but that smell is just old fashioned Cinnamon and butter. And HELLO? We can have cinnamon and butter. And Pecans too. 

Hmmmm. I've made Cinnamon Bun Muffins and they were darn good. True. But then I made this awesome pound cake last week and I realized, a few tweaks here and there, I might be able to have something quite astonishing.…

Strawberry Tallcake

Yeah, just to be different. No, it's not really tall. It's short. And fabulous. And quite a learning experience when going gggfree. For example, and this has nothing to do with it being gluten, grain or sugar free, never hold the batter bowl in one hand when pouring into the cake pan. Just saying, it could slip. And the batter could end up well, everywhere. Like I said, just putting it out there.

It's true however that this is a seriously delicate cake to make. The cake is flourless, in a way. My grandmother would grind up the hazelnuts until they were virtually a flour. Me, I get mine at already ground into flour. Then I buy another bag of blanched nuts to chop for the top. Hey, it's Easter Sunday and I don't participate therefore I can be as punny as I want to. 
So. Start with a cake that is fabulously low carb and.. oh this is a biggie... it's Kosher for Passover too. How perfect. 
Cake: 1 cup Hazelnut flour 1/2 cup Swerve
6 Eggs, separated at room…

Amazing Superfood Pound Cake

So there I am, in the store, looking for something new and unusual to bake with. The nice woman next to me was looking for buckwheat. I thought... oh that's it! I'll make buckwheat pancakes. We couldn't find any buckwheat. What I did find was Hemp Protein. Huh? Hemp? Now I did already have some Hemp Hearts from Costco and quite honestly, they were pretty tasty. Like Sunflower seeds. And since whey protein wasn't working out for me, at all... makes a great cake, just hard on the digestive system... I thought what the hell! 

And so I present the most awesome pound cake with cherry caramel sauce. 
Gluten free. Grain Free. Sugar Free. And yes, it's really pound cake.

I kid you not. I did a little experimenting for sure. And imagine my shock when I opened the bag and it was green. Yes, green. Actually, I opened the Hemp for breakfast. Pancakes! I substituted it for my whey protein in my batter. A little funky, yes, but I was like a steam engine all morning. The energy was…

Who says chocolate's not for breakfast?

I am on my last blueberry muffin to grab for a quick breakfast. I am admittedly tired of blueberry muffins. I want something yummy for breakfast. Something worth getting up for. I also had a terrible need to bake off my stress.

First up I had to take a break and mix up some Ice Cream batter for dessert tonight. More on that delectable delight later. Yes I said that.
So back to yummy breakfast. I opened the pantry and blindly started grabbing ingredients. That's the thing about being gggfree. My pantry is stocked with all things low carb and gluten free.
Almond flour. Ok, but I always use almond flour. I need some variety. Add some Hazelnut flour. I went to grab vanilla and thought... oooh... no.. hazelnust extract too. And cocoa. Lots of it. Swerve for my sugar fix. Hmmm. what else. Coffee. Yup some coffee too. It's breakfast after all.
Now we need some liquid. melted Butter, almond milk and eggs ought to do it.
Now we need a pan. Ceramic. Yup. cuts down on stickiness, paper l…

Pancakes. Simple, pure, wholesome and gggfree.

I'm discovering that pancakes can be a fabulous low carb, grain and gluten free option. Really. And the more I play around with batters, the more I realize bisquick was just one of a thousand mixtures you could use.

So here's how to create your own spin on pancakes and invent your own signature recipe.
Start with equal parts of a variety of nut and bean flours on the market. There are sooo many to choose from. In today's recipe, I used equal parts of chickpea flour (garbanzo/besan) and peanut flour. Why peanut flour? Simple. The lower fat nut flours won't provide the texture or binding you need. So if you use Almond flour it's a little dry. Hazelnut flour a little gritty. So you have to experiment. I've also added Whey protein which is great but seems it doesn't agree with me in larger amounts. 
C'est la vie.
So, for every 1/2 cup of flour, use one egg and 1/2 teaspoon baking soda, along with a heaping tablespoon of sweetener (I prefer Swerve) and 1/3 c…

Pancakes of champions

OK, I know I have some good pancake recipes. They are good. Perhaps very good. For grain free low carb. But very good isn't great or fabulous, or awesome. My daughter came home for spring break. I made some pancakes, did a little improvising. She liked them. Said they were good. Polished them off. So I had to make some more.

My idea was make a batch of these on the weekend and slip them in the fridge to grab and heat in the mornings. So they had to be reheatable in the microwave. And they had to last.

So I made another batch. Again, they were good she said, perhaps better, and polished them off.

There's a pattern here you see. I cook she eats. But sadly, yesterday, we said goodby to our young one, school was beckoning. So this morning, I thought, one more try on those pancakes. I am sooo close. She kept saying she wanted fluffier. Too weighed down it seems. Taste was good, texture just not Ihoppy enough. Really? I played with nut flours and protein and water versus almond milk…