Health Care for all, well, for all who are special

So. What gives one the right to healthcare in our great Nation? Well, if you're a convicted felon you have a right to healthcare. Nothing but the best either. Dental too. Lose your job? Go rob a bank. Literally. then turn yourself in, plead guilty, and ask for the maximum sentence...or at least enough time served to get that Heart Valve Replacement and maybe a new set of Porcelain Veneers.

You can run for elected office. No experience or work required. You don't even need an education. Just a great handshake and shady set of ethics. You get great benefits that way too. And you don't have to share. Health Care Reform? Might dip into their own perks.

You could quit your job and go on welfare. You'd get medical care then too. Cut your own hand off and go on disability. You can do almost anything in America and get Health Care. Except be a responsible, working adult. Then you're screwed.

What kind of surreal existence is this? If John Jerkman shoots his neighbor, Lance Boil, in "self defense" no biggie. It's his right to defend himself with an AK47. And if poor Mr. Boil ends up dead because he doesn't have health insurance for follow up care, that's ok too. Hey. This is America. Land of the Free. Health Care isn't a right. Guns are. Well...that's another topic entirely.

We have the right to vote. Just not on health care reform.

Here's what I think. Enough of the rhetoric. Enough of the Bullshit. Enough of the Stalling.
Here's my New Deficit Reduction Plan.

CANCEL ALL HEALTH INSURANCE BENEFITS for every elected and appointed official in our Federal Government. And watch how fast Health Care Reform happens.

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