Bad day....

We all have them. Really bad days. Ones that seem to go from bad to worse. I had one today.
It started when I was given the new revisionist version of American History. I didn't ask to hear it. I didn't even start the conversation. But it was a business associate who called about one thing or another, and I had no choice but to listen. She wanted to explain why America is in such a deep hole. It seems we have forgotten our roots.

Apparently, and this is new information by the way, there were 7 original colonies. Yes, 7. Formed by those who wished to escape unfair  taxation in Britain. From there they grew and formed States, who eventually formed a Union of States, however, with no intention of having any Federal government.  Our Founding Fathers didn't want that. Hmmm. Oh really.

The one-sided conversation continued on until I thought my head would explode. Might as well lock me in a room with Glenn Beck, Sarah Palin and Bubba OReilly.

Next. Being that I am of course the all-knowing Wizardress of Oz...a client calls and wants me to explain why they are getting virus scan warnings on drivers they are downloading. Gee I don't know and why are you asking me? What will you do about it they want to know. Gee, again, I don't know since it's your computer not mine and I'm not a member of the Geek Squad. I actually had to put the phone down while they ranted because I suddenly thought I was in the twilight zone. There really was no easy way to let them down gently. Their problem was just not my area of expertise.

It went on all day. Every time the phone rang, I felt like I was in the grocery store playing choose a checkout and kept choosing the wrong one. Tomorrow when the phone rings, I just won't answer. Problem solved.

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