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Groupon? Groupoff!

Does anyone else want to have a group rebellion against Groupon? I really don't know when it started. Daily offers for facials and hair removal and lava rock massages along with Yoga and weight loss plans. Sure they looked good on the surface, if not rather insulting at the same time. I thought, why are they peppering me with fabulous offers for beauty enhancement services? What are they trying to tell me?

Don't they know that I'm a 50 year old with all the bags and wrinkles and war wounds of motherhood?Seems they don't. But they'd like to.

In fact they want me to give them pages and pages of personal info so they can tailor the offers to suit me even better. Anyone who buys into this needs their head examined. THINK PEOPLE. Is giving away every personal detail of your life to a MARKETING COMPANY worth that extra 15 minutes under the tanning spray? 

Years ago, marketing companies would send surveys out with a dollar for your time. Or, better yet, great offers on magaz…

Call me scrooge, but...

Maybe I'm just a sap. Or a bitter old lady. But Christmas and Channukah, for me, are about joy and laughter, not getting your toes smashed by some bargain hunting crazed shopper on Black Friday.

Every year, my generous employer gives us the day off after Thanksgiving. And I love it. I sleep in. Leisurely have my coffee, get caught up on the news. And I'll go walking with my Mom, who THANKFULLY is still around to walk with. Then my husband and I will drag out all the holiday decor and get busy. It wasn't always so. For most of our married lives he worked on Black Friday. Up at the crack of dawn and out the door. We usually didn't get started on the holidays until Sunday night, if then.

So this year we make the most of our time. Together. It's no secret I hate shopping at malls. The only store I love this time of year is Macy's, simply for the nostalgia. But even that won't get me to a mall this weekend. There isn't one thing I need so badly that I would …

Chanukkah and Christmas...Made in the USA

It's definitely that time of year. Giving. We give gifts, we give our time, we give our money, if we can. We donate toys and food. We do all those wonderful things. And then, many (myself NOT included) will head to Walmart to do their big holiday spree. On Black Friday.

I think they call it Black Friday because it's the one day of year that we completely destroy the economy. Think all that holiday spending is helping? Not if the label says made in China it doesn't.

So here's some food for thought this holiday season. Buy American. Check the labels before you hit the checkout. You can have a fabulous holiday without scouring the internet for that impossible to find, must have on every kids list.

And don't get sucked in by a gimmicky name. American Girl Dolls? Made in China. Not really American.

I know some of you think that shopping till you drop is akin to being patriotic. And it is. If you patronize local stores and buy local goods. Or if you shop at Overstock, an…

Tonight we bake

So when they are little, our children that is, it all starts with Show and Tell. Fun times. Throw a stuffed monkey in their backback and they are good to go.

Then, it's current events. And you find your latest magazine in shreds on the living room floor, and your printer is out of ink, and out of paper. But at least they are showing some enthusiasm.

Then comes Science Fair. Now if you're a techno geek, it's probably a pretty good bonding experience. If you aren't, and I'm not, it's your worst nightmare. But we survive to move on to the next wonderful scholastic experience.

Book Fair. This is the event, in my house, which requires enormous patience and a big checkbook. My daughters could spend hours and hours selecting stacks of books. Expensive books. With sequels. Nuf said.

And then it's Culture Fair. Or this year, Culture project. It doesn't matter. Because my daughters both elected to study French. And no French projecet is complete without food. Wha…

Attention Tea Baggers! Your New Home Awaits!

Alert: The Tea Baggers are Coming! The Tea Baggers are Coming!

Are you a Tea Bagger? Then Welcome!

Don't miss this exceptional opportunity to own a fabulous 3 year young home in the heart of Tea country. Where Boston Harbour Tea is the beverage of choice. Just imagine getting rid of all those pesky problems you face everyday in the rest of the country.

Too much Water? Flooding? Mudslides? Chlorination? Flouridation? No problem, we don't have any water.

Energy? Well damn. We have no Oil or Gas around here to fight over or cause messy spills (going back to that water thing). We've got Solar, and wind, but don't panic, they make it far too expensive here to use alternative resources.

Jobs? No problem. We have no labor source, at least not an educated one. We've eliminated the migrant farm labor as well. And with Affirmative Action outlawed, WalMart is hiring at accelerated rates! So whether you love to pick cotton or would rather meet and greet those throngs of shopper…