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Why Facebook is worth billions

If you measure a company's worth by its worth to society, here's why FB is worth Billions:

And there you have it. Go forth and buy your shares.

10 stages of facebook

Facebook is an amazing phenomenon. Not because 800 gazillion people are using it. But because it provides a window in the soul of every relationship you've ever had with anyone and absolutely reflects how you live your life.

It begins so simply. Your friend, neighbor, classmate, relative, mom, son, daughter, plumber, butcher says "WHAAT? You're not on facebook? Let's get you signed up!
And your journey begins.

Stage 1. Time Travel
OMG it's that kid behind me from 3rd grade. Must confirm. So excited.... 21 friends! This is so fun!

Stage 2. Getting to know you
I can't believe it's been 40 years. OK. 45. How ARE you? Married? Kids? Job? Remember Tony? Dick? Jane? OMG this is soooo great!

Stage 3. Learning to Creep
Wow. That profile picture is like 10 years old. Maybe I'll check out the other photos. Oh. Timeline. Hey... is that Sheila with Tony? what year is that? 1978? wait a minute. I was dating Tony.... oh well. water under the bridge. wow. those kids are…