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6,000 college choices. Who's #1? Your kid.

When you finally come down to, it helping your child choose a college is about helping them discover themselves. And letting go. It's about stepping back and watching them determine their own future. And stepping forward to give them a head start. After completing this rite of passage twice now, I figure it's time to share some pearls of wisdom.

Our children are unique, interesting people who deserve a perfect fit. And there is one out there. But here's the catch. You have to really look. Hard. And toss your stereotypes out the window. 

Your new mantra must be "it's their life not mine."

So here are my simple rules for picking the right fit. 

1. Selectivity is nothing more than overrated competition.We're all subject to the competitive nature of college admissions. We're all somewhat inclined to live vicariously through our children. And we all have a tendency to want those bragging rights when a child achieves the near impossible by gaining admission to …

Gutsy? Or just plain Stupid?

You know how someone, or some group, does something that makes you say wow... you didn't just do that...? Sometimes you chalk it up to nerve. Sometimes ignorance. And then there's just plain stupid.

Last week my daughter received a lovely letter from my Alma Mater explaining that due to housing constraints, they were offering her a spot on their waiting list. Ok. I understand. It's bullshit, but I understand. I'll ignore the fact that they think a kid with scholarship offers from her top four choices would choose to sit around and wait for her last choice, though it certainly indicates a rather extraordinary level of arrogance. What I find even more incomprehensible is how several days later they could call me up on the phone and ask for a donation to support next year's incoming group of freshman. Really? REALLY? So, what do you think? Gutsy? Or just plain stupid? I'm going with stupid.

Rick Santorum said last week we might as well keep Obama if Romney is the …

And the problem is?

We need a new president, according to the right. Wing, that is.
You see the economy is collapsing. Especially if you consider an 82% upswing in the market since Obama took office "collapsing".
I suppose a downturn in unemployment is bad too. People start working and the next thing you know their lives improve. Not good in an election year.
And of course then there's that border thing. That steady decline in illegal border crossings is just so damn frustrating.
Think that's bad? Imagine this. Sick people get to have health insurance. I'm having palpitations now.
And who are we supposed to waste time chasing around the world with Osama dead? What the hell were we thinking.
Oh, and then there's that ending the Iraq war thing. What is this, a campaign for world peace? And next we're bringing the troops home from Afghanistan. Don't we understand that war is good for business?
And the straw that breaks the camel's back... lower taxes for the middle clas…

Well OMG it's an FFW!

OK. I've stayed silent for a whole month. A whole month of the world spinning in blissful ignorance of the crap going on inside it.

Political Crap. Or Crapsters?

Santorum. The white knight of those who would be king. But like the scarecrow, has no brains.

Romney. Hey, nothing against the very poor, really. He just doesn't want to help them.

Gingrich... As In Grinch.

And then there's Mr. Paul. He reminds me of Frank Purdue. No wait. That was Ross Perot. Hmmm. Anyone wonder if he's all just one and the same?

The college search home stretch.

Colleges that cheat. Yeah. After completing my second, arduous, lengthy and incredibly silly at times college search with young one number 2... I learn that all that rating stuff is crap. That schools cheat. Thankfully my bright intuitive daughter made her selection based on the quality of the education, not the rankings. But that nagging thought persists. What does this say about the entire selection process? Can you imagine what all th…