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chicken again? Oh yeah.

So it was chicken night. Again. I thought, well, I can go all out, pull out the Chickpea flour, do a little dredging, a little sauteeing, a little baking.... and voilá.. Dinner is served.

Except I was tired. Really tired. I needed a shortcut. And there they were. Those fried pork rinds. You may know them as that unhealthy bag of snacks on the bottom shelf at the grocery store. Unhealthy but yummy. Surprise! They are NOT unhealthy. They are perfectly all natural and delicious. And perfect for a great crunchy breading for your chicken. Without the frying pan.
So, I used my oven fried chicken recipe. Hubby graciously butterflied the chicken for me, so they were manageable and would cook evenly.
I dipped the chicken in my seasoned egg, rolled each piece until totally coated in crushed rinds, and laid them on a foil lined baking sheet. I thought about covering them with the sauce and cheese and baking... but hubby didn't buy me the rubber cheese that you can bake an hour. He bought the…

Funny thing about Funny Bones

My favorite snack cake growing up was a Funny Bone. Wrapped in silver foil, like a Ring Ding, but shaped like a Yodel, and filled with this awesome peanut butter cream. Truth? It wasn't real cream, or real peanut butter, and who knows what kind of crap was used to make the most horribly delicious food ever.

A few years ago I had an awful craving, actually... more like 10 years ago. I haven't eaten sugar in close to nine years. But back to my story. I went online, and to my utter delight, Gristedes in New York would ship me as many boxes of my childhood obsession as I wanted. I ordered like 7 boxes. I wanted my husband to try them. I wanted my girls to experience the sugary rush of awesomeness. Back then, I had no idea it was so deadly.

And now I do. But it doesn't mean I gave up my love of Chocolate and Peanut butter cakes rolled in chocolate.

Carolyn, over at, had this great layer cake with peanut butter frosting and ganache. She also had a fabul…

Life can be awesomely sweet without the sugar

My email is always packed with questions about ingredients. Sometimes it's from my recipes, other times it's from other bloggers. Truthfully, some of the blogger recipes have too many ingredients for my taste. Particularly when they aren't all that healthy. I'm not seasoned baker or chef, I'm just a diabetic mom struggling with food addictions. And I've finally realized, I didn't create them! No, that was our glorious food industry. Feeding us absolutely horrific, addictive foods for decades with the full backing of our government. We're talking grains here. Carbs. Sugar. Don't eat fat, they said. Please it will make you fat, and kill you. Ummmmm. No. Eating Carbs and Sugar? That nearly killed me. But to really really eat well, you have to start in your own kitchen. You have to cook for yourself, unless you happen to live directly above a farm-to-table restaurant with lot's of low carb gluten and grain free entrees. HA! First, here's a pictu…

Look out KFC, there's a new chicken in town

Can it be? Crispy crunchy fried chicken? From the oven? grain and gluten free? Yes, yes it can.
Start with boneless, skinless chicken thighs. Now, whisk one egg with a few tablespoons of half and half, and add a tablespoon of cajun seasoning. That's your dipping batter.  For the coating, smash a bag of pork rinds and add another tablespoon of cajun spice. Dip your chicken in the egg, then roll in the spiced smashed rinds. Place on a foil lined baking sheet and bake at 375 for 45 minutes (check timing for your particular chicken pieces). Trust me. This is great even if you aren't eating low carb. Or gluten free. Or grain free. Hell.. this is just damn good chicken.
Oh, and yeah, next day for lunch straight from the fridge? Perfect.