Politically Incorrect

As a liberal, I have to say I'm fed up with the Politically Correct police. I live in Tucson. There is rarely a conversation that doesn't include the word Mexican. But since when is that a derogatory term? It describes a person who either lives in or hails from Mexico. I don't see anyone getting dirty looks or condemnation for saying Canadian. Or British. Or Tazmanian. Or even Floridian. New Yorker. Texan. Andalucian. Aztec. But say the word Mexican, and suddenly you are Politically Incorrect. Latino. Hispanic. Southwestern. But never Mexican.  I'm thinking maybe those who cringe at it are the ones with a problem.

When did being PC suddenly mean ignoring ethnicity. It should be celebrated. We are all different. Our ethnicity brings all kinds of color and taste and texture to our lives. So why are we supposed to ignore our differences? That's idiotic. Why don't we take the labels off our restaurants? The phone book would no longer categorize them. You'd have absolutely no idea what you were about to eat. No more Chinese Restaurants. Or Italian Delis. No more Japanese Sushi Bars or Indian Curry hideouts.

What makes it even more ludicrous is when we play the same game with Religion. It's still OK to say Christian. In fact, it's fabulous. Jewish and Muslim, not so much. Unitarian? Might as well just go with heretic. Now, remember, don't refer to denominations, that's getting personal, and thereby...Politically Incorrect. It's NOT ok to point out the nice Lutheran lady in the drug store. Or the Presbyterian in the Library. And please, don't go calling your neighbor that Babtist guy. Particularly if he's Southern Babtist. But Christian, that's fine. Somehow, that's not insulting. It's a badge of honor. If you say "She's a fine Christian lady" well, people will nod and reply "she certainly is." If you say "what a nice Jewish lady," well, people will probably think you're anti-semitic.

So the next time you hear me mention that fabulous Mexican Restaurant here in Tucson (I'll shamelessly plug them) La Fuente, please refrain from making judgements. It's not a bad thing. It's a good thing. Best food North of the Border, guaranteed.

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