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Surround yourself with greatness

For me it's quite simple. Endorsements matter. The future of this country lies in the hands of one of two potential leaders. So. Who do they get their advice from? Who will they turn to? Who thinks they've got what it takes to lead us?

Things are scary. The economy is recovering, but it's fragile. That's true. So if I could gather some of the smartest people in the world in one place and ask for help.... who would that be. And who do they recommend, or endorse, to lead the way?

Well. Here's my most admired list when it comes to the economy.

Bill Gates. His business acumen and global perspective are unsurpassed and undeniable.
Warren Buffet. Again, who among you would challenge him in the corporate arena.
Bill Clinton. Face it, the guy knows how to move forward with globalization.
Mick Jagger. For those who are too young to realize it, he built a rock solid rock and roll empire based on talent... and a bit of education at the London School of Economics.


Condoms. Boy Toys. By prescription only.

Romney wants to change things from day 1. The hell with moving forward, let's move backwards instead. Planned Parenthood? Gone. Obamacare? Gone. Birth Control Access for all women? Gone.

Ok, turnabout is fairplay in this new alpha male world. So if an employer decides birth control is not in the best interests of an employee, will they also disallow the use of condoms by employees? After all, the money used to buy them will come out of their pay, so technically the company is buying them. Now we know that won't happen. But what if? Maybe we should make condoms by prescription only.
I mean really it's one thing to take access to birth control away from the women, who as we all know really shouldn't be making these decisions behind their mens' backs anyway... but what if we took access, and therefore the decisions, away from the men. The government should be making these decisions. Because Big Brother knows best. I know, you're thinking no no no, that would be so…

Oh. I've Offended you again?

With Hurricane Sandy leaving devastation and heartache in it's wake, I decided to repost this. It's just as true of course, but perhaps even more so. President Obama did what a true leader does. He was decisive. He was proactive. He got the wheels spinning even before the wind started churning. He put politics aside and took care of his nation as it suffered and for that alone I would vote for him. But, it's not just about disasters. It's about everyday. Therefore the repost.

It's election season, which for me means open season on supporters of my candidates' opponents. Ok. Whatever. Republicans. There I said it. OK? I am not happy with my republican friends. We used to have mild arguments over policy and solutions. Now it's not worth the effort.

They ask me how I can vote for Obama. Um... how can they vote for Romney? See, from where I sit, there's way too much at stake. Lives. Jobs. Our Economy. Our future. My daughters. My Mother. Hell, the truth is,…