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The Final Five

So we're down to the final five. Or more than likely, the almost final final five. Let's just say we've sent in applications to 5 institutions of higher learning. Now I say we, and some of you are cringing and wagging your finger at the screen, shaking your head, wanting to knock some sense into me. I didn't really help her with the applications did I? I didn't help her research did I? Damn straight I did. This ain't my first rodeo you know. I've been down this road before. Or in this case, these roads, many of them, as we criss-cross the country looking for the perfect school.

Now I know hubby and I are being played here. I get it. Our daughter has a yen for traveling. But those traveling shoes are back in the closet for now. Having just returned from our LAST, we hope, college road trip.

Where to? Wisconsin. Beloit. A quintessential American City Margaret Meade once declared a Microcosm of America. And it was stunning really. A beautiful place. Sure there…

Rolling Back Benefits? Try Rolling Back our Spending instead!

Anyone remember this touching PR spot Wally World gave us last year? A woman's husband needed a stem cell transplant and thanks to Walmart's benefit plan for hourly workers, he got it.

So, let's flash forward shall we? The tiny little news flash yesterday. Cutting benefits for part time workers and upping premiums for their full time employees.

So basically, for those still blaming all your woes on wall street, I suggest you turn your attention to Walmart. Here's why. This is how they operate. They will only sell a product if they can sell it cheaper than anyone else. They will promise to sell more of it, and therefore, pay less for it. Classic example. Most Apple products sell for the same price no matter where you buy them. The new iPhone is $199 with a 2-year contract. Except at Wally World. $188. Yes. It's true. Even Apple bowed to the retail ogre. But they refused to compromise their brand by allowing them to sell computers there. That makes it OK. Oh wait, th…

Fueling the fire.

Occupy Wall Street. I appreciate the anger, but perhaps it's time to point the finger of blame somewhere else as well.

I know who the 99% are. I don't need your signs. I am one of the 99%, just not one of you. Fact is, there's a few groups in that 99%. And many of them aren't actually blameless. And for a liberal, that's probably heresy. But I am partly responsible for my lot in life and accept that. Partly. Remember that. Wall Street is a major player in the downfall of our economy. Just not all of it. And not everyone who works there.

As much as I hate to say it, the sign-carrying protesters are beginning to bug me. As someone who believes in, and supports, their underlying message, I am also a bit frustrated with them.

I saw a woman interviewed as she was leaving a protest let's just say somewhere in middle America. As she walked away, yakking on what appeared to be an iPhone, I began imagining just what she'd do next. Her pace was fast. Probably in a hu…

Back to life.

So our college road trip, #2,374, has come to a close. Back home after a full week of actual vacation. Meaning I really didn't work. At least for the most part. Nor did I watch news, or participate in anything other than experiencing the simple joy of a family trip. Though incomplete without both daughters.

We visited the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and yeah, it's cool. You just have to go and see for yourself. This year they are honoring Women Who Rock. And they do.

We visited my brother and sister-in-law. No squabbles or heavy family-related discussions. Just threw some steaks on the grill and relaxed and enjoyed.

Visited old friends. The best kind of visit. No pretense, no one-upmanship. Just good friends, good food and moments to keep for a lifetime.

We toured Baldwin-Wallace College. And I have to admit, it was fun. The kids who gave the tour were excited about their school, their studies, their futures. It made you want to be 18 again.

Toured my alma mater. I was kind of…

Jobs, Apple Co-Founder, Is Dead -

Jobs, Apple Co-Founder, Is Dead -

my first "pc" was an Apple II. And it was new and shiny and didn't really do much at all. Loved it anyway. I make fun of the iPhone, the iPad and the iPod. Sure. But when it comes to the big kahuna on my desk? Her name's Mac. Has been for over 25 years. RIP Steve Jobs. I can't imagine how different our world might have been were it not for your creative genius.

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Apple unveils the faster iPhone 4S -

Are you kidding me? We've all waited on pins and needles for this? Faster. Great. Virtual personal assistant? um, yeah. Droid already does that. Apple unveils the faster iPhone 4S -

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OMG it's #5. And still not made in America.

First there was the iPhone. Then iPhone 2. then, well, iPhone 3? and wait... wait for it... iPhone 4. And now the world is abuzz... huge news leak... iPhone 5 is coming. Really? Who could have dreamed.

Let me start again. 1, 2, 3, 4... and surprise of all surprises, they will have a 5. But as you might suspect, that's not the big news. Here's the real big news. It's slightly thinner and a bit sleeker.

So  yes, I'm sick of hearing about it. Android updates their system frequently with little or no fanfare. We Droidzilla fans don't make a big deal out of it. Yep. Every month or so it just gets better.

So here's the big news I'm waiting for. The story that I'll + and Share and scream from the rooftops with excitement. That we, the Americans, are finally making our own damn mobile phones. Here. In America. And hiring people to make them in the factories that have reopened, stocked with parts from the other factories that also reopened and also hired people.