Times up Tiger.

So I watched Tiger's  Press Conference today. Don't know why. But I did. No surprises. Until the end.
And I quote "I ask you to one day, find room in your heart....." drum roll please.... "to believe in me again."

WHAT? I really was speechless at that.  Who among us didn't expect him to finish with "to forgive me." But no. It's Tiger Woods. And his biggest concern is what people think of him. Or rather, that they admire him. Look up to him. Adore him. Bow to him. But forgive? Perhaps he knew in his heart, there is no way most of us could ever forgive him. Or should. Heck I don't know the guy. I don't need to forgive him. But I sure as hell will never believe in him.

This narcissistic demonstration takes about 15 minutes. A rambling narrative filled with apologies, but little substance. He glosses over the fact that he "had affairs" and "cheated" on his wife. EXCUSE ME? Sorry. But his infidelity knew no bounds. And then came the clincher. Asking the media to stay away from his wife and kids. As if they were to blame for all his troubles. Sure, they should lay off. I have never believed family were fair game for celebrity hunters. But Tiger really needs to take some responsibility here. He drew them in with his incredibly stupid behavior. Like moths to a flame.

The thing is, Tiger Woods has enormous talent. But being a great golfer doesn't make him a great human being. Most of us get that. But somehow, over the years, he managed to convince us he was that one-in-a-million guy. Talent...Brains....Generosity of spirit. Some might say that his indiscretions shouldn't diminish those traits.

But they do, and here's why. We'll start with Talent. Right now, it's going to waste. Brains? His actions seem to dramatically prove otherwise. Generosity of spirit? He may be philanthropic with his money, but what he did to his wife shows a selfishness and callousness beyond comprehension.

So here's the thing. While he blathers on about his "transgressions", athletes from around the world are demonstrating some true greatness. How about Evan Lysacek, the Men's Figure Skating World Champion, and Olympic Gold Medalist. Or Aksel Svindal, the Norwegian Gold Medalist in Super-G skiing, with an amazing comeback from a truly catastrophic accident. Or Julia Mancuso, who, skiing under the radar,  captured the silver, twice. And here in my neck of the woods, they are golfing. Seriously golfing. It's Matchplay time. Championship golf. And Tiger is not here.

It's time for someone else to shine, Mr. Woods...your 15 minutes are up.

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