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My Mayan Bucket List

Since according to the Mayan Calendar, this is pretty much it, I've started on my bucket list. It isn't your usual bucket list. It's really more of a seize the moment kind of deal.

As a lifelong procrastinator, I've decided to finally change my ways. Not all at once mind you. And maybe not today, or even tomorrow... but sooner rather than later.

So what have I done thus far during this year of the cataclysmic event?

Well, I finally purchased a new phone. Well, the old one died, but still, I bought a new one with new gadgets that I actually intend to figure out how to use. I'd been investigating this potential purchase for a while. Asking the experts and those who just think they are. Got no consensus at all so I went with Maxxie, short for Maxine. Yep. The cartoon character. Says it all. And I'd certainly put Maxxie up against Siri any day. One night I got up to turn the ringer off at 3am. The next morning, there was a message from Maxxie. Did I want her to aut…

25 Years of fun and adventure.

So in honor of our 25th Anniversary, I am reposting my thoughts about marriage. The whole idea of choosing to spend your life with someone, for as long as you are lucky enough to have them, then actually doing it is fairly daunting. And a lot of people just don't seem to be able to manage it. Sometimes it takes more than one attempt. Sometimes fate intervenes, or it just wasn't the right time or, right person.

When I look around, at my closest friends, we've all managed this enormous accomplishment. In different ways I think, but there are some common threads, not the least of which is no cheating. Simple really. Not because Monogamy is essential to a good marriage. But because Trust is. And cheating, by it's very nature, is a betrayal of trust. So don't even go there.

That said, here are a few of my rules for a bumpy but exceedingly worthwhile and often entertaining adventure. Marriage according to Mary. With a caveat.... I don't always manage to follow my ow…

Facebook vs Google+

I know all the pundits have their sophisticated views on which is better. 
Facebook or Google+? 

Facebook Status: 
Prudence and 3 other friends are at Walmart.

Google + Post:
Hubble Captures View of 'Mystic Mountain' 

Facebook Status: 
Susie P: wonders how much more of this new powerfood diet she can stomach.

Google + Post: 
Get "It's Only Rock N Roll" free : 

Facebook Status: 
HipHopJanie: is ready to pahhhhtaaaay!

Google + Post: 
Watch the story of a 12-year-old girl named Molly as she records daily life in the Mathare Slum, Nairobi. Molly's New Shoes

Clearly there is no comparison.

Happy Peastover

My daughter calls it Peaster. I prefer Peastover. Or, Peacedover. So much goodwill floating around. We live in a confused house. We have no formal religion, only traditions. We'll eat Matzoh and hunt for eggs. We'll light candles and decorate a tree. Not with the lit candles though. That's strictly for those with lots of faith.

We don't do the whole atonement thing. That requires faith too. That there's some greater being who has the power to forgive your merely mortal human failings. I'd rather just stay merely mortal with human failings and make no apologies to anyone.

My favorite atonement story. I decided sophomore year of college to head over to "services" at Hillel with some friends on Yom Kippur. I dressed up, put on my "most respectful" face and lasted maybe 20 minutes before sneaking out. But I felt good about it. I had no idea what they were talking about, or sermonizing about... but I'd made an effort. Good for me, where's…

Red is the new Blue

I've been wearing the same damn blue clothes for years. T-shirts. Sweatshirts. Jackets. I look good in Blue. It fits. I feel smarter in Blue. However, it's time to brighten my wardrobe and my outlook, with Red. Why Red?

1. Red is a Rich, Loud color. And that gives me the look of the Rich and Loud.
2. I'm tired of blending in and just being one of many. I want to rise to to the top and set myself apart. I could try a new hairdo... like The Donald, but it wouldn't look good.
3. Red is a fabulous color. It just screams LOOK AT ME. It's Royal. It's top of the line. And, thus, I will be too.
4. It's a sign of being pure-blooded. No funny stuff inside. Primary color if you will. Untainted by logic or reason. Unsullied by empathy or even a conscience.
5. Financially it's an oxymoron. For those of us who wear blue, being in the red is not typically a good thing. Unless of course you are a Red. Like the Donald. Or a Bolshevik. Again the old oxymoron rears its he…