From liberal to livid

So my husband was very sweet today and braved the harsh Arizona sun to venture out to the mailbox and bring me the daily lot. I was busy shoveling Cheerios in my mouth and trying get my 5 minutes of lunch out of the way to go back to my incredibly chaotic work day, when he casually tossed an item on the table and said, "Saint Sarah?" This of course caused me to come perilously close to choking on said Cheerios.

But yes, lo and behold, there was my beloved copy, well, maybe not so beloved because it's a cheap-ass print job, but my likable enough copy of Newsweek with my guide and mentor on the cover. Ok, not so much guide or mentor as favorite dartboard pin-up...Sarah Palin. With the words, big and bold as you please, SAINT SARAH underneath.

I was disturbed, yes, so much so I thought there is no way I am going to even open this issue. But of course I still had at least 5 or 6 spoonfuls of cereal to go, so I flipped it open to a random page. And just about spit the cereal, and milk, clear across the room.

What did I find INSIDE?  A precious literary masterpiece? The next pulitzer prize winning article on the tragic Oil Spill in the Gulf? eh, no. I found, much to my horror, Karl Rove. Yep. That guy.

Now I'm a pretty reasonable person. I'm fairly intelligent. I will debate with those on an opposing side of an issue with good intentions. And I even read conservative Op-Eds on occasion, as it helps me to understand how we can all meet in the middle. Columnists like George Will. I don't always agree with him, but I respect him, and his ideas.

Karl Rove is not a George Will. He's not a Conservative Columnist. He's more of a Village Idiot. Sarah Palin is not Saint Sarah. She's more of a She-Devil.

So I did what any self-respecting grown up liberal spitting up Cheerios would do. I grabbed the piece of crap they call a magazine and flipped through looking for the publisher's information. You know, it used to be on the Contents page. Then they placed it on the Letters to the Editor page. This rubbish had neither. The info I needed was printed neatly in 5 point type, the legal limit by the way, and buried in the back. But I found it. And using my telescopic lens on my Droid (he does everything you know) I located a phone number. I called. The robotic voice on the other end (IVR I believe it's called) was very kind and transferred me to the cancellation lady. She was nice too.

Oddly nice. Nice as in she didn't ask why I wanted to cancel my subscription or is there something they could do to change my mind. Nope. She said OK. I cancelled it for you. You can expect your refund in 6-8 weeks.

Call me a monkey but what the hell? Since when does a magazine let you cancel without so much as a bye your leave. No chance for me to Rant. Or Rave. Or even complain. Or give them a piece of my mind. It was such an empty cancellation. No satisfaction in it whatsoever. So goodbye Newsweek. I'm sorry you have to go. But you made your choice. She-devil Sarah and the Village Idiot over informed intelligent readership. It's such a sad day.

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