Jon Kyl should be unemployed.

Aaah the old walk a mile in my shoes ploy. An oldie but goodie certainly. Senator Jon Kyl thinks unemployment benefits are a "disincentive" to find work. Really.

So, let's unemploy Jon Kyl and see what happens. We will make a special exception for him too. No unemployment. And no federal benefits either. He'll have to live off his savings. Which while substantial in the big scheme of things, he's no millionaire. And no job service assistance either, because we here in the State of Arizona can't afford to provide it.

While we are at it, we will cancel his federally funded and subsidized health insurance and make him go on Cobra. And we will do our very best to ensure that there are no opportunities here in AZ for an unemployed politician. Except maybe border patrol. He'd be good at that. Set him up down there with as little support as possible from the federal side.

Here's a guy who has the unmitigated gall to imply that unemployment insurance promotes laziness. Here's a little factoid. This lovely statistic is courtesy of the Phoenix Business Journal... Unemployment insurance in Arizona offers jobless works a maximum of $240 a week, one of the lowest levels in the U.S. That translates into $6 per hour, or $12,480 a year -- just below the 2009 federal poverty level of $10,830 for a single-person household. That's cause for sittin on our laurels and just soakin up the sun. Why work when you can live like a king!

Wel, Mr. Kyl, let me tell you something. Unemployment promotes stress. Hunger. Poverty. Shame. Depression. Suicide. Economic chaos. Those measly biweekly checks are a lifeline. And the mere fact that you were elected to represent Arizonans and don't understand this is reprehensible. Over 175,000 of your constituents depend on this money to tide them through the worst recession many of them have known in their lifetime. Hardworking, skilled, intelligent folks who got shortchanged by greedy corporate behavior. Behavior that you yourself encouraged while in Washington.

Bottom line, if all goes well, we're going to fire you soon. 2012. We'll call it a layoff. And out of respect for your firm beliefs, we will NOT give you a dime. Zippo. Nada. We're going to revoke the federal retiree benefits too. And any other federal money you might have coming. I wish we could do more. Because you represent the worst of our political system. You represent the worst of humanity. I'd tell you to leave D.C. and go home, but then you'd be where I am and couldn't stomach that.

Shame on you Jon Kyl. Shame on you.

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