Your money? or your life?

If one could just slice right through all the rhetoric, just for a moment, and take a really serious look at what is happening, maybe we could all come to a real consensus on Health Care Reform. But this morning, I was stunned by yet another quick video clip from the Tea Partiers. Dressed in their expensive suits and ties and designer dresses, they all looked quite the fashionistas. Ranting and raving about Health Care Reform. "Kill the Bill" they shout.

Yet all I can hear is the word Kill. Kill. Kill. That's what they will be doing to thousands of Americans. Killing them. Not just with their words, but with their actions. The diabetic who can no longer afford insulin. The Heart Patient who can't afford the Statins. The Cancer Patient who can't afford the Chemo. These are Real Americans. Real People. Who, for one reason or another, are not lucky enough to be insured. Nor poor enough to be taken care of under our Medicare system. Hard working Americans who simply can't part with the incredibly high cost of "Health Insurance". Particularly those who need it most.

So why shouldn't we outlaw pre-existing conditions clauses? Why shouldn't we raise rates on the sick? Well, because then it would reduce the profitability of our insurance carriers, who are in it by the way, for the money. Our health is their business. Our unhealthiness is their loss. Nuf said.

So better our fellow Americans, though hard working, though contributing members of society, though productive and wonderful people, though TAXPAYERS, should die then cost corporate America their bonus check. Or cost wealthier Americans another tax dollar. That's what this is about. Money.

So let's talk money and taxes. Our Country has a firmly entrenched fundamental policy. No Taxation WITHOUT REPRESENTATION. Nowhere did it ever imply just NO TAXATION. You can't simply remove those two words. They were there from the beginning and have significant meaning. We have representation, such as it is. But some of those "representatives" are right now trying their damndest to save the lives of the insurance companies, and KILL our friends, neighbors and families in the process. So for anyone who shouts "Kill the Bill", hopefully you don't know anyone named Bill. Cause that's probably what will happen. You'll Kill Bill. Maybe the legislation isn't perfect. Maybe it will cost us some money. So what. Just because you have insurance today doesn't mean you'll have it tomorrow. And that's the kicker.

Here's what it comes down to. Your money? or your life? Because someday, YOU will be BILL.

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