This one's for you Ted.

Ted Kennedy fought for decades to see that all Americans had access to affordable, quality health care. He didn't live to see his dream fulfilled, but it came true in many ways, today. "You will be the president who at long last signs into law the health care reform that is the great unfinished business of our society," Kennedy wrote. "For me, this cause stretched across decades; it has been disappointed, but never finally defeated. It was the cause of my life." We salute you for that, Senator. You represented the American People with dignity and honor. And more importantly, respect.

And then, there's John Boehner, The Eternally Tan Congressman from Ohio, where as we all know the sun shines brightly all winter long, who proclaimed on the house floor tonight that Congress needs to reflect the common values of the American People...and vote No. Common Values? These include what? Throwing stones from glass houses? Pots calling the kettles Black? Oh there are just soooo many clich├ęs one could throw around here.

But the bottom line is he and his cronies keep referring to those who oppose Health Care Reform as the Majority of Americans. Would these be the same Americans busting down glass doors, hurling racial and sexist slurs, threatening lawmakers? Sounds much like the politics of Civil Rights. Those who opposed Civil Rights legislation were violently opposed. To something so fundamentally right it makes one ashamed to think they were Americans. But we do know one thing. They never represented the Majority.

And so, Mr. Boehner, if that's who you are representing, there's something you should know. They aren't the Majority. Not the Majority of Americans, not the Majority of, well, anything! The Majority of Americans are decent, civil, caring human beings. And they want no part of your representation. What they do want is affordable access to health care. Jobs with benefits. The ability to start their own business and grow and prosper. They do want to get just a little bit ahead instead of working like a dog to live paycheck to paycheck, never taking a sick day for fear of losing their job and why bother they don't have insurance anyway, until one day they just drop dead.

The Majority of Americans don't want a civil war. They don't want their states seceding from the Union. They don't want to be portrayed as Herb Drinking Partiers in funny hats saying stupid things and acting disgracefully. Holding signs that say Morans. (Probably the reason we democrats threw a little education funding in there.)

Though, again, they're not The Majority of Americans Mr. Boehner.

And for the record, I don't know how you got that tan, and I won't ask you to tell us. I have a hunch though that the Majority of Americans have never stepped foot inside a tanning booth. Better hope that the incredible health insurance you enjoy, that we, the Majority of Americans pay for now but don't have access to, isn't snatched out from under you in your efforts to denigrate and trash this wonderful though imperfect Bill... it may come back to bite you in the ass. Maybe, just maybe, this time next year the Majority of Americans WILL have access to high quality health care, while you hopefully will be unemployed, and in accordance with your revised HCR Bill, uninsured by choice, wondering what to do when that weird mole starts growing, you know, like a cancer.

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