In the year 2011...

Everyone is asking the question. What will happen if we don't pass Health Care Reform? Easy answer, Obama approval ratings plunges. Dems get voted out of office and Republicans regain control.
And Health Care for Americans takes another nose-dive.

But how will that impact life in America in 2011? Hmmm. I'm no psychic, but here are some predictions:
The top 10 insurance companies will see their stocks rise 200%, with net profits soaring 1000%.
All remaining sickos on the private insurance rolls will be dropped, and subsequently will simply drop dead.
More babies will die at birth, or prematurely. Many of the working poor will end up without treatment for the most basic illnesses, and eventually they will end up dead too.  So we'll see an even greater reduction in the population. Can the Republican naysayers possibly think this is good for our Country?

OF COURSE THEY CAN! Here's why. That dramatic plunge in our population will result in a fabulous reduction in Federal Spending, causing a huge drop in the Federal Deficit.

But wait, there's more!

Vote No Now and the reduction in population will translate into less pollution... reduction of emission of greenhouse gasses, which will have a positive impact on global warming, which means the weather events related to said global warming which the GOP until now has refused to acknowledge will in fact diminish... resulting in fewer catastrophic storms thus once again saving federal dollars in disaster relief, and down down down goes the deficit. The GOP may be right after all. Killing Health Care Reform WILL save our country. Maybe even the world. Because that's what lowering the deficit means. A better world. Everyone wins! Well, all those who remain standing win...cause those who can't stand will be denied care and end up 6 feet under. Survival of the fittest and all that.

My question is this? Where will we bury all our dead? We will certainly run out of room at the cemeteries. Not to worry, folks, remember, the GOP is now in control. They will open up the national parks for burial, and charge a substantial fee to help pay for the parks' upkeep! Aaah. Yes. It's all coming clear to me now. Perhaps they'll set up an early entry plan! Six months to go? Don't wait! Squat Your Lot now! Yellowstone special just $1599 for 3 years, or, for just $3999... Eternity!

Yes, folks, Vote No Now and you and your family can enjoy one of the most memorable vacations of your lives...
"Look Mom, It's Old Faithful!" "Oh no son, that's just Grandma having one of her fits."

And once again, I'm forced to ask, does anyone remember Soylent Green?

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