Who's Oscar and why are people trying to win him?

Yeah, I know who Oscar is. But for me, this is just like the Golden Globes. It's not that I don't like movies. Or that I can't appreciate people wanting to be honored for their work. But if you think about it, the glitz and glamour of Hollywood is really somewhat foreign to most of us. I guess for many people it is a true distraction from our economic and environmental plights. And that's ok.

But for me, truthfully, it's silly. Because I have only seen one damn movie on the list. I've actually been to the movies once this past year. That's One time. or 1x. Uno. I saw Sherlock. It was fabulous. Actually got two Oscar nods. Art Direction and Score. Probably too entertaining. You're probably wondering why didn't I see Avatar? Everyone raves about it. I don't want to see Avatar. I don't even like the name. Or the concept. It reminds me of the Schwaab commercials. Hello. Anyone remember them? Noone gave them an Oscar. See I didn't like those. I thought they were basically trying to squirm out of paying actor royalties. I don't know for sure, I just suspected it.

Now with Avatar, not the case. The Actors are all front and center for their behind the scene work. Great. But for whatever reason, it didn't grab me. There was so much focus on the technology, they didn't sell me on the storyline. If I'm gonna shell out some serious money to sit in a theatre and make myself sick on popcorn, there better be a good story.

So what's a good story? Gone with the Wind. Casablanca. Ben Hur. Tom Jones. The Sound of Music. The Godfather. Terms of Endearment.

All Classics. All fabulous. All Oscar winners. And so when you throw in movies like Avatar, does it hold up? I don't know, haven't seen it so it would be wrong of me to judge. I've heard The Blind Side might. Or perhaps Precious. I'm waiting for the DVD on those. But Avatar? Seriously?

Well, unfortunately, I won't be watching Sunday night. I'll be in Orlando, enjoying the sights and sounds of Disney World. I'll gladly be shelling out my hard earned money for silly souvenirs and really expensive food. So what if I'm there on business with no hubby or kids! Get over it! Because gosh darn it, I'll be in the happiest place on earth. So, instead of 4 hours of just watching all that self-grandeur and excessive hype on TV, I'll be living it.

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