Rove, Courage and Consequence....all in one place????

I'm having a difficult time with this one. Karl Rove writes a book, and titles it Courage and Consequence. So much material here, almost 600 pages, I'm not sure what to do. Certainly not read it. That would be a waste of some serious valuable time. And Money. And brain cells.

But the title alone is enough to give you pause isn't it? Just the use of the word Courage in the title evokes other worthy writings, of Courage and greatness. Perhaps John Fitzgerald Kennedy's Profiles in Courage comes to mind. A collection profiling individuals who exemplified the essence of courage in their lifetime. Or  a classic tale....The Red Badge of Courage. Giving us a window to the soul of a soldier caught in a conflict he could never fully comprehend.

And therin lies the problem. The word Courage itself, for me, is almost blasphemous when used by Rove. Here is a man (and I use the term loosely) whose ego has gone unchecked for so long he cannot identify or acknowledge that his own life has been one of pure cowardice. Standing in the shadows, directing the downward spiral of our great nation using a stage whisper that grew so loud it blew back the curtains and exposed the Wizard for who he was.

But, let's give him the benefit of the doubt, just for a millisecond. Is he referencing HIS courage and the consequences HE faced (none) or is he talking about the Courage of the American People in facing the consequences he brought down on them? By now, yes, you've realized I'm not a fan. But I will not go so far as to insult his book, as I haven't read it. I've only read the title. So it's all I can work with here.

Maybe he's referring to the Courage of the Troops in facing the consequences of his lunacy? Maybe he's referring to the Courage of his family in facing the consequences of admitting they are Roves and not changing their names? Perhaps he's referring to the Courage of the people who blindly followed where he led, and faced the consequences. I'm just not sure.

I am sure I won't buy the book. But if some clown delivers it upon my doorstep as a practical joke, I will not be wasteful nor will I harm the environment by placing it in its proper place, the trash can. I won't infect the recycle bin with it either.

I will add it to our bathroom collection. No, not in the reading basket. I figure it's so full of bullshit it's just the right height to make a perfect footstool for our pedestal sink. I will wrap it in leftover foil and give it a stunning illusory shine. And finally, at long last, Karl Rove will finally have made a significant contribution to my life.

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