COFFEE anyone?

It's here. The Coffee Party. The one I, albeit humorously, suggested way back in my early blogging. Ok, not just humorously, but cynically. Having become completely despondent and sickened by the behavior of our self-proclaimed political messiahs, I wanted to crawl into a trunk and board a freighter for anywhere but here in the USA.

So I am excited. What will the new Coffee Party members do? What will they espouse? Or perhaps they won't be the new Talking Heads. Perhaps they will take a new tact. Might we see a resurgence of civility and dialogue? Debate among intelligent, articulate, thinkers? Great minds meeting to finally turn the tables and begin solving some of our most pressing problems?

And we do have problems. If only our elected cronies officials could agree on what actually constitutes a problem. For me, Government is first and foremost charged with the HEALTH, WELFARE AND SECURITY of our nation. It cannot fix an economy based on stupidity and greed. It cannot police the world without first policing itself. It cannot and should not promote the ingenuous notion that we are the greatest nation on earth. Not now, anyway. We have the potential, certainly. It's here, in all of us. We just need to take back our government from the hands of those who seek fame, fortune and power. And deliver into the hands of those who have character, intelligence, and heart.

John Adams, in a letter to his Wife Abigail... "my worthy fellow Citizens may be easy about me. I will never forsake what I take to be Their Interests. My own have never been considered by me, in Competition with theirs."  That is what our founding fathers intended for future elected officials. Clearly stated. There are no interpretations other than the literal one. But for those who have difficulty with honesty and clarity...I'll simplify. He would never put his own interests above his constituents.

So, here we are on the brink of something. What it is, we'll have to wait and see. I for one will do what I can to increase the momentum and help propel this wonderful new voice of the people. I will raise my mug, as they did back in the late 18th century, to Coffee! The beverage not of Kings, nor Pundits. The Beverage of the People. Bottoms up, everyone.

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