The irony of toxic feed.

Tyson is preparing to boycott cattle fed with toxic drugs. Yippee you say! Thank goodness they will stop poisoning our food supply.

Oh wait. They don't give a damn about our food. It's the cattle they are worried about. They seem a little sick before they get butchered.

Don't poison the cattle before they're slaughtered

It's really important that you read the article, but here's a quote from the above:

Tyson Foods Inc. says it will no longer buy cattle fed a supplement that's designed to bulk them up before slaughter, citing experts who suggest the drug may be causing animals to become lame.
So, they weren't worried about it harming the people who eventually EAT the cattle... just the cattle themselves? Or is their concern that if the animals are sick, people might get sick too. Perhaps... they just didn't talk about the people who eat their products. They only talked about the cattle. So it makes you wonder if they worry that the cattle will die too soon, and not be fit for consumption. Oh wait, they are being drugged before we eat them. Fattened up with drugs.

Bad enough they fatten them up with grains... but toxic chemicals?

So good for Tyson that they are putting a stop to it. Bad for us that it's even an issue.

That's just not pretty to think about, and I'm so glad we have turned to healthier eating at my house. Though not happy that Safeway is no longer going to carry the incredible Grass Fed Beef they were test marketing in our store. That was so delicious I can't eat supermarket beef now. We have to find a new place to dwell when hunting for that perfect steak. It did teach us something. The reason our chicken and beef started to have kind of a stale, dull taste in the past few years.... probably what they were being fed. So it's au natural grain-free for us now, hormone and hopefully toxic-waste free too... and tasting mighty good. When we can find it.

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