Shots heard round the world, and way too close to home.

I know the buzz today is all about Amy Winehouse. Yeah. I'm sorry she made bad choices too. But in Norway 93 or more people who made good choices are also gone. And will be sorely missed. Their potential will never be known. One, maybe 10 might also have become voices of a generation. So take a moment and express your sadness that one lone misguided singer wasted her talent and her life, and then maybe take a few more if you can spare them to mourn the loss of almost one hundred souls at the hands of a Norwegian madman.

You can write off the Norwegian as a crazed lone gunman. Like Jared Loughner. Maybe. But, perhaps not so coincidentally, their insane ideology was identical.

Breivik, who admitted to the shooting spree and bomb blast, has said through his lawyer that his actions aimed to "change Norwegian society" which he saw as being undermined by multi-culturalism.
That is a frightening statement for anyone to hear, in any country. But here in the US, the hairs on your neck should be standing firmly upright. Because there's another American out there who shares those sentiments. Besides Loughner. And that terrifies me.

Michele Bachmann. She too, believes multiculturism is a bad thing, particularly for America. 

And she's running for President. And all those good "Christians" out there supporting her and her ideals are thinking if only everyone in America shared our vision. Shared our beliefs. Shared our goals. We'd be one happy melting pot again and no more worries. And the Tea Party cheers her as she makes outrageous statements cloaked in the guise of libertarianism, while all the while revealing her insidious disdain for true liberty.

I for one don't share those narrow-minded visions, beliefs or goals. I have my own. To see my children grow up to be responsible, caring citizens. Who put the needs of others first. Who hold off judgement when what they see or hear is unknown to them. Who would pick a penny up off the sidewalk and give it to the nearest outstretched hand. Who believe a healthy society is a productive society. Who believe faith is a personal choice. And Sexual orientation is not. Who will always do the right thing, even when it's not the most popular thing. Ok, that one is a work in progress. Ask any parent. But my point is... that's my vision of America. And it sure as hell isn't Bachmann's.

What's yours?

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