If grains make us fat, could a plant make us thin?

Almost half of the U.S., geographically, now permits medical marijuana. 20 states. DC too. Obviously this dreadful scourge on society turns out to be nothing but. Sure it makes people silly. Like opiates pumping through an IV at the hospital don't? Lots of medical professionals who slammed it before are sort of taking it all back now.

Now I don't have cancer or any other proscribed illness or even chronic pain, so at this juncture I have no need for a prescription. And that's a good thing. I'm a huge proponent of this though, because as most of us have known someone who has suffered the effects of chemotherapy or chronic, horrific, pain... marijuana, nature's remedy, is just as effective a medical treatment as any pill they can create to alleviate this kind of suffering.

But wait. Turns out there's a new twist. According to recent research, people who smoke pot actually aren't fatter, you know, from eating too much because pot causes you to have uncontrollable hunger.

Instead, they are thinner, have lower body fat percentages and lower insulin resistance. Oh, and their good cholesterol is higher. Let's go back to that lower insulin resistance. That's huge.

I only point this out because the same establishment that told us pot will lead us down the road to ruin, also constantly bombarded us with the message to eat deliciously healthy whole grains, especially those you find in a box on a shelf, which will keep us trim and fit. Except I ate them and got fat. Became diabetic. Have too much LDL.

So the establishment, (could I possibly be referring to some collusion between corporations and government agencies?) told us smoking pot would make us fat and lazy and stupid. Turns out that's not quite true... at least the fat part. Can't really speak to the lazy and stupid, though the stupid may be temporary. Same with the lazy.

Here's the scoop straight from the American Journal of Medicine.

You know those silly researchers from places like Harvard. What do they know anyway?

It's worth pondering at this point... is pot a possible cure for Type 2 diabetes? And if it is, will the pharmaceuticals start growing the stuff? Or start campaigning to repeal the new laws so they can go back to keeping us, fat, lazy and stupid on their own?

Diabetes is a 25 billion dollar business. 25 billion. I don't think they can generate that kind of revenue from a weed. So what do you think will happen if it turns out that the magic bullet is just a plant anyone can grow in their own backyard.

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