Cheese Crisps, the perfect complement

So you can't have a breadstick. So what. Here's something better.
Cheese Crisps
Take a handful of grated cheese, full fat, hard cheese is best. But any kind will work, except maybe Mozzarella. That won't work too well.

So take a handful of cheese and place it in the middle of a hot skillet. Pat it down a little bit. Season it if you like with a bit of garlic or onion powder.
so easy.
Let it cook until the bottom begins to bind itself and brown. Now flip it over and finish cooking. Remove from heat, and while it's still soft, roll it (you can use the spatula if it's hot) and set on a paper towel so any excess oils can be removed.

Wait a few minutes if you can, and enjoy your cheese crisp. It's fabulous.

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