Political foodie

I'm thinking of renaming my blog. Yes. Because even though having the last word on everything is quite important to me, a number of people have questioned my combining my political rants with my food rants.

I'm sorry. Did someone make up a new rule? If you are outspoken politically, you must shut up about food? Or, worse, if you love food you can't discuss politics?

It's true food and politics aren't really great bedfellows. All those dinner party rules... business lunch rules... and church picnics... god forbid you talk religion or politics at a food event.

Well, guess what. Time's are changing people. I will eat and talk politics and yes, religion, without feeling one bit of etiquette guilt.

Because mostly I eat with people I love to discuss these topics with. Mostly I eat with people I at least have a strong affection for. There's the occasional business event where I tend to just eat to keep my mouth shut. That's true.

But here in my space, on my blog, I will discuss food, politics, religion and stupidity all in one happy place.

So I invite you to join me. Follow my blog and rants and raves and take away some damn good recipes to keep you living longer, so you can spend more time educating the ignorant about what's right and wrong with the world, right alongside me.

I'm also introducing a new look, and some new ads. Yes, I'm allowing ads. How funny that the first one to appear on my birthday cake blog is one for plus size clothing. Ironic. But if I can take a joke... so you can you.

Now, about those GMO's in our food chain... go on, ask yourself... how'd that salmon get so big?

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