The lunatics are in the Hall...

Here in Arizona we have a problem. The lunatics are in the hall. First, they are shutting down our educational system one giant step at a time. Destroying our children's future. Wasting our taxpayer dollars and then blaming the taxpayers. And punishing the kids. It's immoral, indecent, and insane.

Now the crazies in Phoenix have passed SB 1070. The most ridiculous, scary, immigration bill ever. And costly. I am going to state at the outset, yes, we need immigration reform, and we need border security. We need to quell the influx of drug runners and criminal border crossers. Having said that, this law is absurd, bordering on fascist.

If you don't look American, then you might just get stopped on the sidewalk and asked for your papers. Yeah. Be careful when you come down and visit our beautiful sunny state. Wear lots of sunblock. If you have too good a tan they might just profile you. And if your city isn't doing enough of this, you can sue them. And if you're caught without your papers, you go to jail. Uh huh. And we the taxpayers pay for that. Only our State is broke. So, we'll need to take the money from somewhere. Ooooh. I know. Education. Yeah, whatever is left there, we'll use to house and feed all those visitors without papers. Did I mention they also passed a bill to allow concealed weapons without a permit? Yeah, great place to visit. But bring your Birth Cerificate and bring your AK 47. Cause it's the Wild Wild West. Uneducated lunatics with guns....that's fine. No papers? Go to jail. Did I mention our number one industry is tourism?

But not to worry, the newly arrested prisoners of immigration reform, AZ style, will earn their keep. Keeping our roads clean. Making license plates. Working for us. Sound familiar? Arresting undocumented (aka undesirable) people and then, not wanting to support them, putting them to work? History repeats itself doesn't it. That's what Arizona has come to. And it's time we stood up and screamed and shouted and made everyone aware.  No, not that it's happening. For in this case, the media is well attuned to this travesty. We need to make it known that we, the people of Arizona, are NOT crazy. We are not our legislature. And no, we don't want whatever they're smoking up there.

There are those who say they won't vote for Prop 100 if the Governor signs 1070. They will ask for an economic boycott of our state. I understand their underlying motives, but it's a BAD IDEA. It's a TERRIBLE one. Because then not only will our schools be desecrated enough, you will trash the economy to the point where we won't have public education as we know it at all. You will ruin our state. That is not the way we win this fight.

Here's the list of some of our wise AZ legislators who feel so threatened by immigration, they came up with this. If you're angry, check out the list and just look for the R, as they all voted on Party lines. Though the Republicans I know never would have supported this crap. These are the same individuals who felt so threatened by a 1 cent tax to save our schools, they were too afraid to stand up and vote for it, instead, using the "let the voters decide" back door escape. Prop 100. Contact them with your thoughts. Email them. Call them. Daily. And call your DC reps. Call McCain. Call Kyl. Call the media. But DO NOT PUNISH OUR CHILDREN ANY FURTHER.

We will decide, and we will, I hope, vote YES on 100. And our Governor, we hope, will veto 1070. But we need your help. All of you. Whether you live in AZ or not. Please. Let your voices be heard with ours. Help us drown out propaganda of the Tea Baggers and the Nazis. YES ON 100.  NO ON 1070. Let's take back our State. It's our home. And the only solution is to stand up and scream that IT'S OUR STATE and does not belong to bigots and the lunatic fringe. We are not all crazy. If you agree, please share. And share and share. Help us wake up Arizona. Don't let history repeat itself in the worst way possible. And if you think it won't happen in your neighborhood, think again.

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