Speak up, kids, we can't hear you...

There's an interesting controversy going on at my daughter's high school. First, the groundwork. They just cut half the teachers. Yep. Half. No need to do the math. The next year will be horrific in terms of educational quality for these kids at the most important time in their educational career. College prep.

Then, last night, they implemented further cuts. No more all day kindergarten. 2% pay cut across the board. And more. Full Story here. Now we all understand budget cuts. But these seem a bit, well, drastic. And they are. The governor, in one of her more lucid moments, proposed a 1% sales tax, temporary, the proceeds of which primarily would go to save education in the state. Prop 100. There's some opposition. Of course there is. So school boards across the state decided to act now and make their point. Maybe if they can get the naysayers to understand the seriousness of the current crisis, they'll vote yes on Prop 100 and get them at least enough to provide for next year. Perhaps some districts went just a bit too far in trying to make their point.

Back to the controversy. Some students are trying to dissuade their classmates from protesting the cuts. They say it won't help, it shows no respect, and they should be good little girls and boys and go to class. I'm thinking their parents are Fox News watchers. The educators, well, they half-heartedly tell the kids...come to class. But they don't mean it. They know, as do many of the parents, that we need the kids out their screaming at the top of their lungs. Which brings the cameras and the news crews, which brings attention to the issue. Which allows the supporters of the sales tax to get their message heard. Even the Chamber of Commerce reluctantly supports the tax. Sure it will hurt sales. Maybe 1/2% decline. But what kind of business community can thrive in a state full of uneducated people. That's what we'll have. No skilled labor pool. No higher income families. No basis for a solid economy. No more tourism. Who wants to visit a State where everyone says "welcome to Aryzoni, and dontcha worry, ain't gonna be too dang hot today." Or worse yet, where everyone wears shirts that say "Morans and dang prowd erv it"

Back to today's protests. My daughter wants to be there. I said "you go girl!" I personally don't care if there are consequences for her. Suspend her. Do whatever. Because if we don't get Prop 100 passed, she won't be attending school there anyway. I'll have three choices. Home school using the new Charter Internet High School, regular charter school, or private, which I can't afford. Well, there's a 4th choice. Move. Not a viable option.

So I sent my daughter to school today, armed with her camera, and instructions on uploading those photos to the right media outlets. Civil disobedience 101. Ooops. I meant the 1st Amendment. You see, next year she may not have AP American History. So I'm beginning her home schooling right now.
Amendment 1. The right of the people to peacefully assemble and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances. In the US, education is a right. Not a privilege. That is a fundamental principle that guides us. Thus we have a grievance to redress.

Go get 'em girl.

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