speak up louder, since no one is listening

I guess all writers face it at one time or another. With so much blogging out there, there was bound to be the stray one that nobody read. Seriously. I can take it. But unfortunately, this one was about the drastic cuts in education here in Arizona and the kids' efforts to fight them. They spoke out. They rallied. They acted. And I wrote about it. But, it seems, no one was listening. That was the first blog I ever wrote that nobody read. At least according to the counter. Not one living soul bothered.

So I am madly out there posting on facebook. Emailing media. Trying to get someone's attention. Anyone's. Crazy isn't it? The one fundamental right our children have in this country is the right to attend a public school. Which means, we have to pay for it. And the fact that my daughter attends high school with close to 2000 other students and next year they will have HALF the teachers, working double effort for less pay, doesn't seem to have any impact on people outside of our local school community. Apathy? Just heartlessness? What? Tell me?

I am angry now. Angry that people just don't give a damn about what others in the community need. It's about their taxes. Their wallets. Their needs. Their self-centered crap. I'd move to another state...but they are all the same, aren't they. Let's all join the Tea Party. Every man for himself (sorry but most Tea Partiers are men.)

So yeah, I'm probably just ranting now but so what. The media sucks. Really. CNN today big lead story: Deep Space exploration. Yeah? Who's gonna do the exploring, our uneducated youth when they grow up? The New York Times Online:

Obama Sees Manned Missions to Mars

Again... who's manning the mission, our next generation of rocket scientists? Without teachers, there won't be a manned mission to Mars. No Deep Space Exploration. Probably no technology industry here in the US at all. Where will the next Steve Jobs come from? Bill Gates? Instead we'll be singing the praises of our future economic leaders Howdy Doody and Gumby. Come on people. WAKE UP. This is serious stuff and requires serious coverage. The people of Arizona need to be shamed into voting yes on a sales tax. And their legislature needs to be voted right out of office for allowing this to happen. It started in 09. California. New York. New Jersey. Massachusetts. Now it's happening everywhere District by District and only a few local media outlets are paying attention. The national media is focusing on what's wrong with our schools? They have all sorts of angles...bad teachers, tenure, curriculum, testing... HOW ABOUT MONEY???? Forget Quality Teachers. We won't have any teachers left at all, good or bad. So, please. If anyone out there is listening, pass this on. Call your local paper. TV station. Radio Station. Go on Facebook. My Space. Blog. Start speaking up people, cause right now, no one seems to hear. And by the time you realize what you've let happen, it'll be right in your own backyard.


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