You can fool some of the people...

Today I'm tired of the daily rant against the Arizona crazies. So on to the lighter side.

What if you called a press conference and nobody came? Hmmm. Why risk it. In fact, if you are Apple, you can't risk it. Mr. Jobs is becoming a bit ho hum with his announcements. Last time he stood up and practically drooled over the upcoming launch of the next iPhone OS which will do so many wonderful new things. Geotag your photos. Oh wait. Droid Does. Manage playlists for your music. Oh wait. Droid does. Well, you see where this is going. There's an underlying fear overhanging Silicon Valley that next time they say "get a load of this", instead of journalists with laptops and bluetooths swooping in for the scoop, they'll get pig farmers with shovels.

So instead, let's find some other way to spark some interest. Particularly from the Media, who are yawning so widely you could fit a mack truck in their mouths.

How about this. iPhone prototype left in Bar by accident. ..story at 10. Intrigue. Mystery. Salivating taste buds from Tech bloggers around the globe. Bloggers willing to pay cash for the secrets about to unfold. It just keeps getting better. Sure, some of the more astute journalists suspected they might be victims of a hoax. Others wondered if the ultimate marketing ploy wasn't being unleashed. But all of them bowed to the masters and wrote about it. Sure there was an occasional caveat just in case they were being had...but they all still had that element of curiousity. The same one the killed the cat. Yep. They couldn't resist.
So today I wanted, as a seasoned but cynical marketing professional, to pay my respects to the masters who once again have managed to redeem themselves. I'm still nauseous about the whole iPad branding, but this little coup is precious and deserves the accolades it will receive for months to come.

Well done. I salute you Mr. Jobs. Now let's talk using skin as an input device. Oh wait. Sorry. Wrong genius pool. That's Microsoft.

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