The lunatics are in my head...

I must be nuts. I'm now living in what once was a pretty damn nice community in a beautiful state. Now I'm literally imprisoned in a nightmarish state of political football. Everyone is trying to make a point. Teach someone a lesson. Play hardball. Problem is, this stuff is not only irresponsible, it ain't gonna work.

First, they are taking away as much education funding as they can without violating our own State constitution. Then they tell the School Districts to tighten their belts. Act responsibly, fiscally speaking of course. And pat themselves on the back. Finally, that'll teach em. Instead our kids have no teachers, and in some cases, no school. No future.

Then, they pass a law making it illegal to be here without your documentation. How many of us walk around with a birth certificate. We don't. We're American. We have rights. Not anymore. Not here. Not in Arizona. I'm not going into details about it. If you don't know what's happening here you have your head up your know.

And to top it all off, anyone over 21 can walk around packing heat, no papers. So. Let's just sum this up. If you are over 21 you are free to go anywhere you want in the state, with a gun, hidden from view. No papers. I repeat. No Training. No background check. But if you don't look pale enough (in Arizona), and you have a little accent maybe, better have your papers. Just to go out in public. Grocery shop. Cross the street.

Is it just me? Am I the crazy one? I'm beginning to think so. So now we're researching other places to live in this Great Nation of ours. Places that don't have a big "welcome to the loony bin" sign as you enter. Anyone got any ideas? Only requirements are schools with teachers, internet access and tennis courts. oh...and reasonable housing costs. If you've got that in your town, and guns are considered, well, a BAD thing for just anyone to conceal under a jacket, and you don't need 10 forms of ID to go to the park...then we're interested.

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